Rescue Journal

ok...maybe i am not dirt.

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2010

kodi tonight's little bastard

dirt doesn't have an ass and i know i got one cuz kodi just bit it...(that freaking hurt you idiot)....maybe i should pick something really scary to be (like a big, mean nasty-ass crocodile!) so he is more careful where his teeth actually reach.
shit..i was almost in a good mood.

(good photo jenn..perfect evil shot of today's pain in ass)



Carol if you wish to do a self portrait Plu-eeze get it right. As Jim just commented to me the difference between dirt and soil. Dirt is just dirt-- SOIL on the other hand is warm, moist and nurturing allowing things to grow and come to fruition and return to the soil where they too enrich the lives of other living beings. It is the CIRCLE and it is the meaning.

Therefore Carol you are SOIL!!! and dont argue about it either. Jan