Rescue Journal

i got bit in the ass because kathy took the poodles in to be groomed.

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2010

they are actually very handsome all pouffed and puffed. anyway..i got bit in the ass when usually i only get bit on my hands and feet cuz now jerry can see better again...he has an unobstructed line of view of his new favorite victim...kodi.

jerry was hanging over the edge of the bed and unbeknownest to me or kodi....he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to perform a sniper attack on kodi's head...which now that he can see better, he executed quite well. kodi who sucks at any kind of remotely decent aim, retaliated by leaping upwards and biting my ass.

so really if i am fair about the whole thing...i should have been mad at kathy and sam who fixed up jerry so he could actually see and not at kodi who due to old age probably doesn't see all that well and honestly did mistake my butt for a poodle who has just been groomed very nicely.

sigh...once i thought about it a little more deeply, i was in fact able to understand kodi's side of things and forgive his mistaken assumption that my butt needed biting.

working in rescue means...looking at things from all angles...even a half blind, crazy cattle dog's perspective is important to consider and see.

ok are no longer a are just stupid.... cuz my ass in no way what so ever resembles any tiny pouffed up poodle.

thx sam and kathy...good job on the little ones they are very beautiful (on the outside....the inside on a certain someone is not quite so pretty.)



No problem Carol!!! Hmmmm, maybe it should be the poodle poofer that gets to shave your head? I could leave a little mohawk if you like!!!


I certainly hope you don't resemble a pouffed out poodle or we may have to add more to the fundraiser event than just shaving your head!!