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i once said....

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2010

molly, 19 yrs old

archie, 17 yrs old

i once said...that my ultimate dream for saints was to be sitting at my desk, looking out the window and seeing old and wrecked animals and a bunch of very good human beings all goofing around and having fun in the fields.

the reality is not always the same as the dream.

today i am folding laundry and peering out the laundry room window. renee and angelina are sitting cross legged on the cement walkway and the frailest of our very frail are contentedly wandering around, sniffing the ground just being the dogs that they are.

i was happy.

the reality is way better than the dream...this was real.

can you see frail, tiny and crippled felix, his back bowed with age, tripping along happy to be on the real earth's ground in the warm spring air? he is a dog, doing what all dogs do...sniffing the air, checking things out (that he can't see,) doing what he likes to do best.

max immediately wandered right to angelina and laid his head in her hands. there he in blissful contentment stays..happy to have found a human close to his level at last today. mandy is with him, trying to decide if she wants a human touch or the feel of the grass under her feet at this moment.

shadow who may die any second if her heart decides that it has had enough, is trotting around, nose to the ground, in every day cocker on a mission, fashion.

sissy feels the warm breeze and sun on her back and feels that life is truly good.

archie who has had such a terrible time with his skin, is finally well enough to ignore it again. so he too is out there just being a dog, no demands upon him, no expectations other than he just enjoys himself.

our so very sweet, most elderly, molly?.... who has no idea at all that she is the least bit old. molly is out there doing what molly does, just happily living each day....and while i didn't see it..i do hope she pooped her constitutional mile out there too.

ancient dogs, blind dogs, crippled dogs, dying dogs..real dogs enjoying being a dog today....

looking out the window is good.



This post is what I would love to see in the book. The "now" moment - reflecting what SAINTS is all about - letting the animals be themselves.

Mauro Salles

Yes, Carol, of course. The phrase isn't "mine", just expresses what I think about actual heroes and heroins. They exist.


omg mauro...that is what the title of the book should be!!!...can we use it?