Rescue Journal

it has been an interesting day

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2010

it started out sort of brainless but nice..first with just cleaning the cows area..nothing like shoveling poop on a beautiful warm and sunny day to zen you into a peaceful state of mind. when the work was done, we extended the mindless peace in the sunshine to include drinking a cold corona with the dogs down by the pond. that was pretty nice too.

and then griffin arrived..he is our new blind, biting, diabetic minpin who was becoming a safety issue in his foster home. he was sort of but not really attached to a rescue, he really was his foster mom's rescue. anyway, the rescue was not able to fully take him on and recommended euthanization, there was a small child at risk in the foster home and griffin needed a place to go. i had heard about him several months ago, the original owners had contacted me about him. i said what i always say...we are full, as an absolute last resort, we will possibly consider him but seek out all other options first. they did and they let me know they found another option so i crossed him off my worry list. funny how worries have a habit of popping up again. anyway, griffin is here and we will see if he can be happy with us.

so once the dust settled, everyone had gone home for the day and i was able to start thinking about him...i noticed a man standing at our gate. he had a cat. i asked if i could help him and then he told me his story and now i knew who this cat was because my daughter in law ang had already talked to me about her. this was a stray and starving cat who had showed up on a pissing down rain night about 6 weeks ago and the family felt sorry for her and took her in. they took her to the vet, could not find her original family and then found her a new home. but the new home then decided they couldn't keep her so the finding family said to bring her back...but...(there is always a but!) meant she had to go back into the back bedroom because they have a very cat aggressive dog. they can't keep her, they don't know anyone else who wants her, so she came here. she is a very sweet to me, very skinny, and i think probably an elderly black cat who is currently hissing at the other cats trying to sniff her in her holding cage. she probably is not highly adoptable and i will need to get her into the vet to check her thyroid levels. so then i was thinking about her for awhile, cuz this cat needs a name.

but i got distracted when my daughter lindsey and her fiancee cam came by to try to pick a new cat to add to their family. this took a lot of thinking because their existing cat bella..has some interesting and difficult attacking people when she is in a bad mood. so i really had to put my thinking cap on...who would be a good match for bella the sometimes bitchy barracuda. it had to be someone solid enough to not let her push him around and it had to be someone who was sane enough not to go out of his way to push her buttons either.
we are thinking about trying marshmellow. i think he is strong enough to stand up to her but gentle enough to pose no threat. we will move him over on tuesday to see how they both do.

now the only last two things that i still have to figure out for today are....what to name the new to give an insulin shot to a minpin who wants to bite me.

i think i will go poke our more predictable diabetics first and maybe borrow caspar's small muzzle.



sorry...everyone is too late..i already named her lilith...brenda tells me that is the name of the goddess of animals or nature or woodland creatures or something or other.

sigh...i was thinking of lilith from cheers.

Kathy G.

Animals can and do take on the intent and meaning of their names. Please oh please, do not name her "Storm." My neice has a cat named "Storm" and she lives up to that name. She will whip around and attack you when you least expect. You are providing a harbour for her soul...perhaps give her a name which means peace and calm. Some suggestions: "Seda" is Turkish for "calmness and peace"..."Kamira" is African-American for "peaceful, beautiful black princess." Just a thought.


Thanks for taking the cat in Carol! Hopefully she calms down and settles in. Let me know how it goes. If she was found in a rainstorm how about Storm for a name?


New Black Cat names: Raven, Ashes, Onyx, Morticia, Charcoal
Giving a shot to biting new dog: Food, gloves and go for it.


I hope it works out well for Marshmellow, he is such a sweet boy. He's going to love having his own two people to cuddle him.