Rescue Journal

the saints dance

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2010

we dance at saints.

it might not look like a dance to your average human being because the animals are so crippled.
shit..this morning i am so crippled (the bed buddies welded my pelvis and lower back together with their velcro, keep her immobile, midnight weavings.)

but we do dance...the animals here weave in and out of the core. they take their turns of being the soloist and then fade back into the dancing company to let the next take center stage.

when they get tired and this dance becomes too much to carry on....they, like cole and rose, disappear into the shadowy and quiet wings, content to watch and rest til another, more compelling dance, calls them away.

it is an odd dance here, weaving around mops, buckets, bodies and feet. reaching up not towards the sun, but the ever so soft hands and hearts hovering within reach.

even for those of us that can't dance well, the group gently guides us in our steps. they surround us and move us across the stage, integral in their beautiful dance.

if we let ourselves go and just trust in them, their beauty of movement and being, draws us in.

in those moments, we become beauty in motion with them.



Just took the dogs out for the last pee/poop break.

AND looked at their poop! I'm a poop surveyor!


"it started out sort of brainless but nice..first with just cleaning the cows area..nothing like shoveling poop"

But poop lets me know how everyone is doing. Poop coming out is a good thing. I know who's poop is whos. How they are faring.

Scooping poop is not a brainless activity. Czar's poop, for example, is always consistently firm and copper colored. Lahanie's poop is not so consistent. Gideon's poop is always dead on. ( yay Gideon! )

And I could go on...the goats poop, lambs poop ( especially Kizzy's )

Poop is all telling. Yay for poop!

Barbara DeMott

Oh Carol. that is so much like my house. We have the sedate senior dance and the hyper border collie dance and the goofy, gangly shepherd dance and they all want to dance right into the bathroom with me. Geez!