Rescue Journal

copper had exploratory surgery today

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2010

they looked at everything they could find inside him...he has some bowel irritation but no perforations. his liver is grossly enlarged..could be the cushings, they did biopsy's but they won't be back til monday at the earliest. if it is the cushings, given enough time, now that his cushings is controlled..the liver could potentially over the next few weeks and months, repair a good portion of itself. except copper has had a very difficult week..first the bowel blockage and now a major surgery. i don't know what is going to happen, but i am afraid tomorrow i may have to make a decision that i don't want to make....make him keep trying knowing it may be no use if he is too far gone already and knowing he feels like shit...or just letting him go and letting him find some peace knowing with some really good beagle luck... maybe he could come back from this to torment those who love him some more.

copper and i have battled wills on various issues since he was 5 months old. for a very great portion of that time, he lived with me and always where ever he or somewhere else, he has always not only been my responsibility, but he has been a member of my sounds stupid, but he was like a wayward but much loved son, sometimes off to where ever sons sometimes, globe trotting, off to a new family of their own...but at some point, they always come back home...even just for mom's chicken soup or a free place to crash.

copper and lynne have their own has nothing to do with copper and me...and ours has nothing to do with theirs...relationships belong to the ones living them, sharing them...they are uniquely, unique.
life without that bastard beagle buggering around somewhere is just too bleak to think about but please god, help me make the right decisons for him...i owe him that.



Bless the little guy. He sounds do spirited by nature, you will know if it's time, if he looks tired.

Mauro Salles

... "he has been a member of my family…it sounds stupid," .. No, no, it's not stupid. How old is he? Is there an older post telling his history?