Rescue Journal

the vet called this morning...copper died during the night

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2010

i am so very sorry.



It's sad that Copper's gone, but don't second guess yourself Lynne! - You gave him a good home of his own with you and your family, and he always had SAINTS to fall back on. Who could ask for more? You did right by him, so please don't get bogged down in the "what if's". I know Lucas was another favourite of yours, so I'm really sorry that this all had to happen in the same week. Shitty! Anyway, I hope to see you on Sunday at SAINTS.

Kelly B

Very sorry to all of you who loved Copper. He sounded like a one-of-a-kind, worthy of much story telling type of dog. One in a million.


My thoughts are with you all. Copper many times was likened to the energizer bunny, you know the one that never stops just keeps on going. I'm sure everyone thought he'd recover and be back at it again. I'm so sorry he will definately be missed.


Deep sympathies for Carol and Lynne.

I met him just once (at an open house) and he left a lasting, cheeky, wonderful impression on me.

Run free and happy Copper.

You're missed.


i dont know what to say, words wont come, just the tears. i should never have taken him maybe he would still be alive. i am so sorry , he was our fat little funny boy and i will miss him alot. it seemed to happen so fast. one day he is going to the park with me and my dogs, having fun, waoodling out of shear ecstacy when he saw food and knew it was for him. i remember the time i came into the kitchen and the dishwasher door was open. there was copper merrily standing in the dishwasher licking everything clean. another time we were downstairs and my husband had put his sandwich on the far end of the bookcase and left for a second. when he came back copper had crawled up on the couch than onto the bookcase and very carefully walked along the top to get his prize. i am glad that i had some special time with copper. he loved to sleep with me, but would not jump up, i had to lift him, lazy brat. and when he jumped off the bed, sometimes at 4 in the morning, you had to get up and let him out pronto or he would just go wherever he wanted. usually he came down in the laundry room to relieve himself. he had manners and did not want to do it on the rugs. i still can not believe that he is gone. rest in peace llittle man. i love you.


So very sorry to everyone who had the honour of knowing and loving Copper.


I was totally expecting him to be OK.. this is so sad. I am glad that Copper was back at SAINTs for the time Lynne was away & we were able to spend some time with him.. that is the thing about volunteering at SAINTs... time is precious just like our SAINTS.

Woodle away copper , we will certainly miss your antics

Marie Bellemare

yeah, Copper was so HIMSELF the whole way... my heart goes to you Carol and to you Lynne, and to all who knew and cared for Copper... he is now resting but had a full life and was loved... no matter what !!!


Copper Top you were your own dog and I loved that about you! I hope you get to eat and sniff forever ...


wow, this comes as a shock, i was hoping for a good out come.
cooper stories always had me coming back daily to the blog, he and carol and the rest of the staff were part of my "laughing therapy" i would be lauging so hard in the my computer room, that my husband would wonder what was going on, then i would have to try to ready carol's blog to him with out laughing.

today my tears are not from laughter but of sadness...
rest in peace "daisy dog" aka copper, you touched the hearts of so many.

so sorry for your loss carol,lynne and all those at saints.


F*** We all loved you Mr.Daisy Head...the memory and stories of your colorful personality will always be remembered and shared amongst those who were blessed to know you!

Francesca Wilson

So hard to hear, but he was soooo loved. He is now with other dear SAINTS.


oooooh nooooooooo.... my heart is broken. I am so sorry. Rest in peace dear Copper.