Rescue Journal

the new beginning...

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2010

imagine a little black pekinese...with a bit of brown on his face. imagine his little tongue sticking out of his fuzzy squished in face. try not to imagine his skinny little body or the crippled little leg with a golf ball sized matt hiding his foot somewhere inside. pass on imagining his pulling himself across the floor by his strong little front legs.....instead imagine his rolling around on a clean blanket enjoying a tummy rub.

saints welcomes "chance" the crippled little basement dweller. today is the first day of the rest of his life and monday will be pretty busy. he goes in for bloodwork and a vet check and xrays. apparently he was accidently broken by a small child about 5 years ago (he is about 7 or 8 now.) so we will see if removing that leg will improve his mobility. we will see if getting him up in a wheelchair lets him get around better than by dragging his very sore bum. we will see what chance wants to do with the rest of his hopefully long life...i bet he wants to have some fun!

today is the beginning of a brand new day for an ex-little crippled basement dweller.

he is freaking adorable, i am already in love!


Tara Hennigar

I am so happy that you guys are what you are, and do what you do.
My sister Tannis brought Chance in to you, and she told me about you. I will spread the word as well!
Bless you!


thankyou for caring so much about chance. now finally he will get his chance at happiness. he is one cute little bugger.

Tannis Kokotilo

Ps, something i noticed with him with the little time i had with him, is that when he is rubbing his back (chance) he is trying to rub his left ear on the floor,trying to scratch it, and also he hasn't been eating much, but he did start to the last few days at my place, so I was putting the dry dog food in my hands, and then we started eating it up, so just a few tips for you that I had observed with him,by the way I called in sick all last week to take care of him, I was so worried about him.....(anyway its ok, i get paid for it), was worth it to find him a good place to go to!

Tannis Kokotilo

thankyou so much carol for taking in chance,I am the one that had him for a week and a half, and yes he is easy to fall in love with! I am so happy and relieved he is there in good hands, I work at skytrain,and I have printed out your saints flyers and put them in all of are report locations at work, including the head office, I am going to set up a 50/50 draw in care of chance, and donations from the draw will go to your shelter, i put a little story on your flyers i printed out about him, I will let you know when the draw is and how much we can raise for your shelter at sky train, hugs and kiss's to you and all your volenteers and everyone that helps keep your shelter going! I will do this at sky train every year for your shelter!


"i just want all of them never to be forgotten"

It's an impossibility that they will forgotten Lynne. Each and every individual touched someones life. If for just a moment or a minute, week or months. Not one of them will be forgotten.


there is a brutal truth in this...each and everyone of us will remember the ones we loved best. so cole and copper and rosie and lucas and spritely may be remembered by many....but who remembers the rest...hester? washington? watson? clover, ronnie, olga, tugs?...i am in a unique posiition...i lived with them, i loved them...i go back and visit them when another passes away. that is my way of honoring them.
if saints just stopped because grief hit our doors, how many would we have helped and loved again?


i was just thinking how great it is we have chance and the other ones, but how much i miss copper and lucas and rosie and i so hope they are not forgotten i miss coppers little wagging tail and behind, and how when i walked him he would always stop and look behind at me to make sure i was still there he was so full of life and i do not want that life forgotten. i think of all the animals that have passed at saints and want to remember every single one of them. they were all so special in their own way and i hope they live on in our memories. some came so briefly to saints that it was almost a blur, other were there for such a long time that it is easy to remember them. all of them were loved and very special. i just want all of them never to be forgotten


yah chance you are very cute and hopefully you can be much more mobile. yah carol for helping him.

Mauro Salles

There is a little boy, a two-legged dog named Popeye, using a wheelchair VERY safe and comfortable. Uppercase VERY, because the guy is a rocket. If useful for you, the wheelchair was personalized for him.

One Popeye´s video