Rescue Journal


Sheila  ·  Mar. 14, 2010

How many times have you read that title in the last month...

The deadline will be in one week and because we made up this silly rule that none of us could discuss our totals I am left in the dark about whether Carol will have to shave her head. This is probably stressing Carol or not.... cuz I am sure she is getting the bulk of the donations. But I am so stressed that I phoned her last week to ask can I give a donation ... would that be ethical, acceptable etc and she said NO it wouldn't be right. So I cannot save Carol from having to shave her head and know I feel personally responsible ... cuz really I don't want her to have to shave her head and this fundraiser was my suggestion. I won't be able to live with the guilt. So all you people who read this blog and live far, far, far away please go to paypal (leave a note please) and donate just $10. It will help pay some vet bill's and also it will help Carol to be one step closer to not having to be bald in one week.



it is ok louise..if we end up short i will insist that $10 be added to the total just in case it's purpose was missed!


Hi, I recently donated $10 to save Carol's hair but I didn't notice where I could specify that was what the donation was for on the site? I was hoping you would realize due to the amount of the donation. :)