Rescue Journal

chance makes friends...

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2010


so..... i drop the little beast off at the vets on my way to work this morning. i tell them he is totally sweet and adorable and probaby won't even need sedation for his xray.


the vet calls me and the first thing i say is.....isn't he adorable and isn't he sweet???

no...he is a freaking landshark!

i said.... who??? chance???

that bloody pekinese! first he tried to bite me, then he peed all over me and then he rolled over and turned blue!'s his leg?

how do i know? i haven't even touched him yet!

oh. (that's not good.)

so what are your plans for this dog anyway? (i bet he really was thinking do you want me to nuke him for you?)

ok..well..i had hoped you would xray his leg, shave off that matt and see if he has a foot left under there, fix his sore butt, check his skin and ears, get some blood so maybe we could amputate that leg and neuter him soon?

fine...first i would like to do a chest xray and see why the bugger turned blue....but i will have to sedate him.

i said...did you try baby talking to him? he responds well to that.
he i missed the baby talk class in vet school.
well...maybe you could practice with him....(oh shit! that was my inside voice talking but he took it in good humour...i think he deep down enjoyed the exciting encounter with the seemingly vicious parapalegic peke!...the only other dog i saw in there was a 2 pound shivering chi, how challenging can that possibly be?)

so chance got sedated..the chest xrays showed a grossly enlarged heart which the vet said is ready to explode..(i am hoping he did not mean that literally.) his leg.hips and pelvis xrays show no obvious fractures so the vet thinks it is neurological damage to his spine. they got a blood sample and they shaved off that gross matt and his nails were deeply imbedded in the pads of his foot so they cut them back but now he has open holes in his foot..

he is on cardiac meds now, oral antibiotics, twice weekly antifungal baths and surolan for his ears. depending on the bloodwork results maybe we can consider surgery if we get his cardiac disease under control.

i doubt the vet is looking forward to this....given his first meeting with him today he might be secretly hoping that chance ups and croaks before he comes back for a second go at him!

who'd have thought our sweet little guy could be such a ferocious man eating lion?! good boy chance, even adorable, crippled little basement dwellers can once in awhile can be fearsome gladiators..he seems to like the women around here pretty well.

he was perfectly sweet (altho a little bit groggy) when i picked him up tonight...(he did pee on me when i picked him up but I did not take it personally..i think his little bladder was just full) welcome home little man....i still think you are adorably sweet.



i thought something might be up other then the obviouse, as he had some coughing fits at my place, like sneezing , anyway I hope the meds work, I did here from the lady that droped him off that he hates vets, in fact, its men from what i can see, it took him two days to let my husband pet him, but then he did warm up to him,same with are renters down stairs, he was ok with us women, not men, anyway thanks so much again for getting him the vet care he needed sooo much, and yes he peed on me a couple of times when he was here to.... glad i can read your blogs to keep up with what is happening with him...


"ferocious man eating lion ... vicious parapalegic peke" I love it. When you told me this over the phone, I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time ... thanks Chance!


I'm really sorry to hear about Chance's heart. What a shame. Poor little guy - He was so sweet when I bathed and blowdryed him yeaterday. Who'd have thought he could be a landshark? I hope the cardiac problem can be helped, and he can have more surgery. He pee'd on me as soon as I picked him up as well; I think he just gets excited and can't help it. Anyway, glad to hear he was checked over and the vet found out about the heart concern. He's a little boy with a lot of heart - literally!