Rescue Journal

more introductions.

Nicole  ·  Mar. 16, 2010

Poor Lola, not at all happy about her bath. quite sweet though, has a huge mammary tumor. Look at those nails. I already have trimmed them but her quicks are very long.
she manages to pull a phoebe and some how get curled up completely covered by her blanket on her own.

larry during his bath. again not happy about it, but now he doesn't stink.
just realized the links don't change so you can just scroll through the pics on the facebook page.

there's also Jenny

such a doll. skinny, she reminds me of an all black version of Emme. but with a better coat.

they are all smelling good, got nail trims, ready to head home to my house for the night and will be off to saints in the morning.



it was actually very difficult to drag my ass out of bed this morning to bring them out to saints. they made themselves at home so fast.
Jenny just melts my heart.


grrr, lola and larry are happy to eat up a storm (and poop), but jenny is not interested in anything, just water. hmmm, going to try her with an oreo...
Right now Larry is curled up next to Jenny who is sleeping.