Rescue Journal

the new ones

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2010

larry is just sweet. he is missing a good portion of his hair, his skin is gross and his tumour hanging from his throat is not much better. but he is sweet and gentle and quiet and his little tongue sticks out just enough to make him completely adorable.

lola has been shivering and looking scared. her mammary tumour is hard as a rock and bigger than a lemon. she is not shivering any more..we are such great and close friends now that she is bitching away at me and climbing the pen to get to me. all that it took to start this new but very great friendship was a brand new pretty knitted yellow sweater. as soon as i showed it to her, she literally dressed herself in she thinks since she is dressed appropriately, we should hang out more together.

jenny i am quite worried about. she is very weak, she is very thin. she has peed her bed and seems totally unaware of this. she is wrapped up in fleeces with her head on her pillow, trying to sleep thru lola's peircing squeaks. i will start her on antibiotics tonight and nicole started her on pain meds yesterday, i will make her lots of sandwiches which so far is the only thing she likes to eat. and i will try to get her into the vets as soon as i can but i am really afraid this is a major physical reaction to all of her recent stress. we will see, i so hope jenny did not come here to die any time soon. she is a heartbreaker and a very lovely dog that i would like lots of time to get to really know and deeply love.

apparently sweet little chance did not get his cephalexin today..the staff left me a note..."we could not give chance his cephalexin because he is mean!"...he is currently laying at my feet, upside down having his version of a single peke party..i guess i better try his meds again while he is still in a good mood.

griffin is really quite adorable..his ears are as cute as ellie's and cleo's. when he stands them up all the way completely, he looks like he is wearing doggy ear wind tunnels. he thinks the cats are a lot of fun to torment and to bug. he really is a very sweet little guy with a healthy dose of attitude to keep folks on their toes.

i am really quite happy with how well sidney is doing...she is packing on weight, occasionally her bowel movements are firming up, (some of them are still loose) but she looks 100% better than when she arrived..(then she looked dead, now she looks alive!)

the newest little rabbits, bun jovi and anthony hopkins, were introduced successfully yesterday...yay.... bunnies with friends and out of a cage! life is good in rabbit world for our littlest fuzzy saints.



I am glad to hear that Sydney is gaining weight and she looks better !


Come on, Jenny - Hang in there. You can do it! Your life just took an amazing turn for the better. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, Sweetie.


they ran out of room in the transport car...besides our three, they had 3 others for a different rescue. they said they will pop opal on a plane for was a pretty long and stressful drive for a senior cat anyway. haven't heard when yet...should be in the next week or so unless they find a home for her down there.