Rescue Journal

who's job is it anyway?

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2010

to fix all of these broken lives? where does that proverbial buck stop to end the devastating heartbreak of animals dependent on human life?

the human race bred them, bought them, sold them, gave them away so is it not all of our responsibility to change the face of their days?

i looked at the photo's that nicole posted and all i felt was an overwhelming sadness...why do such things happen so often to such innocent creatures?
but for the grace of god, these three would now be dead...why were these particular three chosen to live on instead?

and...who wasn't so lucky?

once they get here, i won't be so sad. i will be busy trying to make things as right as i can for them.
the apparently annual california rescue thing, hurts me inside. that is when i look elsewhere and see the utter hopelessness that millions of animals face every year....and we can just help four???

dear god...what have we in our insatiable need for animals in our society... done?

sigh...well... there are a 5 million and a half out there without any homes and about to die...why can't we get our next one from the exisitng death pool instead of breeding another life to die.

oh wait..i know..because we want a puppy...because we want a specific breed or size..because we want a clean slate to write new mistakes on...because we want..millions will die.
fucking people.


Mauro Salles

Five and a half million refers "only" canadian statistics. Is it sad? The words that denote this situation has not yet been invented.

Jane Stanley

On a recent episode of Dog Whisperer he focused on Puppy Mills, and went with LA animal rescue people to a desert valley near there where there were several concrete-walled, chain-link fenced, gated and protected compounds that were breeding dogs. The scenes inside were horrendous. To contemplate the lives that these miles of caged dogs must lead, and to know that nothing can be done to stop this as they operate "to the letter of the law", was shocking!!
I am not oblivious to the fact of Puppy Mills, but to see what that actually means - was heart-breaking.

Garry Gabrielle

Until we, the human race start valuing life amongst ourselves, there will be no change in attitude regarding the value of an animal's life. Our culture finds looking after our eldery parents a pain in the ass and a total inconvenience so we farm them out to a personal care or nursing home. Every day in my grocery business I see young people passing those of age and totally ignoring them as if they were non existent. We have absolutely no respect for the lives of others including animals. It's the me society!


Thank you for your comments on breeding Carol.

I am an intelligent human being, but I just dont "get" how people can justify purposely allowing more animals to exist when millions upon MILLIONS are killed.

With we humans, it's all about "Me". "My" wants and "my" needs. We are not willing to make, or in many cases even consider, making sacrifices, even when the power to save lives lies squarely in each of our hands. Shame on us.


im trying to do my part carol, honest. but im like a loss as to what else to do. fucking people is right, selfish,ignorant assholes most. im hoping in the end theres some sort of retribution, some kind of payback...doesnt help save lives though. but you do, and im happy to help. only four lives saved from california? only? four lives! next time i see you, im huggin ya! welcome to saints newbies!


Your comments brought tears to my eyes as it is so true and frustrating. The need for people to have a new puppy, or a purebred or to let their pet have just one litter to let their children experience and see birth through their pet... the end result instead is death; for all the unwanted, discarded animals in shelters. Other than donating and volunteering our time and talking to everyone we know considering adopting a new pet, please tell us how we can help you to educate our oblivious society?