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so screw the whole isolation thing

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2010

lola keeps bouncing out and sissy, joey and half of the cats keep bouncing right in. too bad that fence is not electric, i bet they'd stay on the right side of it then!

oh well...i really do not think they have anything contagious anyway...i think they are just wrecked from a lifetime of neglect.

jenny went to the vets today..she had bloodwork, the vet wonders if she has an underlying liver or kidney cancer. one of the staff who has never really had much of a chance to draw blood, used jenny for practice today because she was such a very good girl. hah! if she really wanted to beef up her skills, she should have practiced on chance!

this freaking place is way to full of sick, wrecked and pain in the ass animals...someone(s) have to go. i am making a list...phoebe, perdy, nina, jewel, griffin, lola, kodi, jerry, caspar, jesse, gwen, reggie, dusty, lucky, champ, 4lane, chance, (maybe joey and peluchie..not sure, i am still in the honeymoon stage, glad they are home) three orange fruit loops, webster, eddy, conan the barbarian cat, scrappy, harrison, bitsy, lahanie, gilbert, percy, carl, and 2 chickens and 4 ducks.
everyone else can stay cuz some more are going to die soon anyway.

speaking of...
i hung rose's, lucas's and copper's windchimes today..that made me sad. i really don't want all of the others to go away, i just want less of everyone..maybe i can make them all shrink. that at least would help with the constant leaking and flooding and the insane amount of laundry happening here right now.
sigh..i am living in a piss tank, i have cleaned the floors 5 times since i got is gross. (i am talking about you especially jenny!)


Mauro Salles

I just check the link indicated by Nicole. Really impressive numbers. Thank you, Nicole.

Mauro Salles

You live in a permanent saga and to me you are a true heroine. I assume you don't like the "label" so much, but you are... I send you virtual hugs and wish you have peace.


there's more SAINTS numbers stuff on the website here:
under SAINTS by Numbers


Thats a lot of pain in the ass names there! I can barely cope with one. I am thankful the other three are less irritating although Toad does have some annoying traits so he does have the potential to be a pain in the ass. When one pain in ass passes away I seem to have the ability to pick another pain in the ass to take its place! I guess I attract them because I can be a pain in the ass myself too. One of these days I will name a cat "Pita" - short for Pain In The Ass.


quick basics...
about 125 animals on site on any given day..someone dies, gets adopted or fostered and another moves right in.
about 20 out in foster care
4 mon-fri paid day staff people (6 hours per day each) plus one very part time bookeeper for payroll and tax receipts (this is not the same as our contracted accountant)

there are about dozen die hard volunteers including myself who are here regularly, mostly on weekends (i am here more cuz i live here!) and another handful of less frequent volunteers but still highly dedicated PLUS the fundraising folks who work countless hours to fill our bottomless hole.

as to costs...
vet care is about $5000 per month
barn feed, hay, shavings, fruit is another $1000
staff wages and receiver general and insurences and accounting/legal fees work out to about another $5000 per month, utilities (heat, electricity, for the four main buildings plus phone and internet) are averaging about $2500/month (these go down in the summer with warmer and lighter/longer days BUT then we run out of water and have to truck in 3000 gallons a week so it averages out to about the same. cleaning supplies, cat litter, canned cat and dog food, rabbit pellets, and shavings are probably about $800 per month.(most of our dry cat and dog food is donated except for the special medical diets)
i pay the mortgages and transport of animals and supplies (gas, insurence, maintenence) costs and whatever else we are short on from my personal nursing job wages so i won't count those.
so give or take looks like about $14,000 per month to care for more than 125 sick and dying and pain in the butt animals... WHICH IS WHY I AM GETTING A FREAKING ULCER BECAUSE MONEY ALWAYS STRESSES ME OUT!
iF they were not so sick, and old..IF they did not leak constantly, they would be a lot cheaper to care for, but sadly, i chose the wrong kind of rescue (i should have rescued healthy goldfish)

as an aside..the three deaths in the past couple of weeks (rose, lucas and copper), with end of life vet care, euthanization and after care of their bodies, cost more than $3000)

Mauro Salles

What is the average monthly cost of SAINTS? How many volunteers and workers? How many "guys" (animals) at the moment?