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Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2010 little chance does turn into a flat and furry faced, snorting, wheezing and snapping turtle when a pink syringe heads for his mouth. laura tried to help me but she just got 3 cc's of pink shit winging past her ear. he is pretty freaking cute when he is mad tho! his head tries to spin around like that little kid's in whatever that scary classic movie was. (it is early and i cannot think.)

we switched him to tablet form and laura tricked him with cheese. the vet called with his bloodwork results...he is quite anemic, malnutrition or underlying disease? we will feed him well over the next few weeks and see...anyway, lucky vet, lucky chance, lucky me (cuz i would get stuck with his bandage changing)...chance is not cleared for surgery yet.

so lola is in fact a determined, self actualizing and agile, yellow and black little barking and screaming bee. she climbed out of their iso pen and yelled her head off and beat the crap out of the wire door that leads to my bedroom. i told bed is only holds a maximum of 12 dogs and me and that is a major squeeze. she refused to gracefully accept this answer and continued to scream and bite the wire to get to me.
i did not break down..i was warned that apparently she does "the phoebe" (curls up under blankets and then bites anyone who touches her while she sleeps.) there are 13 bodies in my bed that will probably inadvertently touch her sometime during the night so i just ignored her and went to sleep. she disappointedly did the same...eventually.

jenny wanted a sandwich as soon as she saw me this morning but first i had to clean up the freaking gawd awful mess BEFORE the fuzzy little snapping turtle dragged himself thru it. larry was a perfect guest, he slept well and quietly too. i quite like this little hairless guy, he tries not to make extra noise or work and he stays where i put him.

felix is hitting a cross roads...despite his horrid condition and terrible health. he still managed to flip flop, grab my fingers, try to hump his fellow bed buddies and play every night. this week, not so much. he is barely eating anything, he is vomitting what he does eat and has diarrhea. and while he is still frantic to get into bed with me each night, now it is hysterical and grateful licking my face for a few minutes before he falls exhausted into sleep. i think his fun is gone, i don't think he feels strong anymore inside of that totally wrecked body. i think now it is just a deep and desperate need to be held and loved for several hours at a time, but bedtime only comes every 24 hours.

i am taking him to the vets on saturday for the "quality of life" discussion. and i know that all of the vets have all along questioned his quality of life because they do not sleep with him and they do not get to see the felix that i used to see. the sad fact i am seeing the felix that they used to think that they saw and this makes me very unhappy.
i am totally in love with this little wrecked dog...saturday will not be a good day.



"the phoebe" - how cute Phebes has a move named after her. She really can be a role model.


Funny how even the most placid of animals seem to develop the swivel owl head when you are trying to poke a syringe into their mouth!


joey and peluchie came back on sunday. i hope felix feels a lirrle better he is such a sweet dog. still coming for those three tickets, please save them for me.

Jenn Hine

"the fuzzy little snapping turtle" awe so cute ... I hope to never encounter his dark side.

Sounds like the new editions are uping the "drama" level in the house (if that was possible at all) ... it is at this time I am sure you miss Rose ... so sweet, nicem and polite.

EEK where are joey and peluchie comming back ... then you'll have 15 bodies in your bed! Do they make an XL King Size anywhere?


The Exorcist...the movie is the The Exorcist. You have the Chinese