Rescue Journal

how do we ever make it thru the day?

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2010

i have no idea..i freaked myself out when i added up the saints monthly costs the other day and now i can't get over it.
how have we survived? how can we possibly continue to survive? i have given myself a freaking big worry headache. finally turned into a migraine at the vets this afternoon and i was in the exam room afraid i was going to puke.
as soon as i got home, i downed gravol and tylenol and have been asleep for the past couple of hours...i'll get the cat litter and barn feeds tomorrow.

lots of vet trips in the past 24 hours...lilith the new cat was rushed for sudden difficulty in breathing. her bloodwork is back, confirmed hyperthyroidism and cardiac disease. she is on meds for both now but she is most definitely now palliative care.

esther hurt her leg somehow...not sure how because all she does is lay on her bed and ask to have cookies delivered. she was rushed in too and had an xray. there may be an underlying bone cancer but we are not sure, what did show up tho was interesting...someone in esther's past put out a ton of money and repaired a torn cruciate. so maybe the surgical repair has broken..that is the other possibility. the vet started her on gabapentin but if she doesn't get better she said we should consider removing the leg because she is too old to do much of anything else. resting for esther is not a we shall see how she does after a week of rest.

eddie, monty and bitsy all went in for their steriod injections. yay for us for getting them in BEFORE their mouths got sore again.

jenny is suffering from end stage liver disease so she is now palliative too. the vet actually thinks that larry's skin might be scarred from generalized burning...maybe he was in a fire in his very distant past? but we will check him for cushings because of the pattern of hair loss..but that does not explain the scarring.
lola's tumour is gross and needs to come off so they both had their blood work in anticipation of tumour removal surgeriies.

the vet came to see lahanie again and floated his teeth..maybe his current unwellness is a secondary mouth infection...kissy is running a fever so he checked her too. he will back tomorrow to drop off more injectible meds for them both.

i think that is everyone on the other worry list today...(the sick worry list not the scary no money one)

oh and today the appliance repair folks came and installed a solid metal dryer hose thing that conan the barbarian cat can't destroy.



Keep in mind that Tannis is organizing a 50/50 Draw at Skytrain where she works. That should bring in a little cash.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny, Larry and Lola today. All very sweet. Lola especially caught my eye. She is such a nice girl.

Mauro Salles

I dare give you an advice: do not think about the costs and keep doing what you do. How many times "things happened" and problems were "miraculously" solved? Blind faith and trust in the intangible.