Rescue Journal

I got asked a really good question about our Pub Night fundraiser today....

Sheila  ·  Mar. 19, 2010

Who is going to cut Carol's hair... Would someone like to volunteer to do that. And also does anyone have a good pair of scissors and shaver that they can bring tomorrow night.



and the reason nicole is not allowed to do it is...she will enjoy it too much.

Carol of our vets will do the honors. i trust her, she does excellent lion cuts on our cats and she will bring the shaver too.


I asked if i could cut it and she said no. don't know why? she lets me shave the dogs' hair and they look 'great' and i've never cut any of them.


oh that is not going to happen,you will get to keep your hair, i am sure of it. will get my tickets tomorrow.


Okay I admit ... I am kind of being mean for my own amusement. But it was legit question.


Sheila are you trying to give Carol a stroke on top of her heart attack from last night ??? I will be bringing an excellent pair of shavers .. I don't have super good scissors : - O