Rescue Journal

yummy peak freans are my favorite cookies

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2010

crippled peke fiends just might (or might not) be my favorite dogs....i will let you know after i give the little puddle dragger a bath later this morning. for such an evil little sot, he sure is happy (as long as you are not trying to stick a pill down his throat or surolan in his ears.) the staff lost the surolan war with the miniscule mongolian monster...i said i would try it again when he was distracted having a bath. if i show up at the fundraiser missing some fingers maybe folks will feel sorry enough for me, not to shave my hair.

chance LOVES laura...he scoots around after her making the most pathetic sounds...i think she should either take him home or...... put the surolan in his ears for me.
(i can hear her chuckling..."yeah...NO THANKS!)

on the other hand..lola, the little yellow banana boat, is not quite as adorable looking...and while chance's vocalizations are similar to a sweet needy baby's..hers are more like finger nails on a chalkboard. but i could put surolan in her ears if ever she needs so maybe i should like banana boats better than peke fiends.

and larry? the bald beagle? (ok...he is not close to a beagle but descriptively it sounds pretty good) that dog is absolutely perfect in every single way except for the way he looks. you guys should see him walk..he has this mini, crippled bouncing step like a little, perky old man that is so absolutely makes you smile just to watch him trot by on his way outside to pee.

jenny is a heartbreaker...her thinness, her weakness, her head tremors...her sweetness. a lovely sweet old dog standing at the open door leading to the rainbow bridge. how could you not melt when you touch such a gentle being? how could you not fall in love with the sandwich eating machine?

too many freaking new dogs...why do they have to be so freaking incredibly lovely? i could resent the work they cause more if they were not so god damn sweet.
we are losing complete and total control of the laundry because of our adorably beautiful new messed up freaks.

i should have said no four more times lately...why am i glad i did not?

because i am also a crazy freak....(please god don't make me bald on top of all of my other might be too much for me!)



Good luck tonight Carol, I really hope you are able to keep your hair. Have fun everyone and take lots of pictures for us to see!!!!!!!


heads up i wont be at saints tomorrow morning, family commitments, so if we have any more volunteers, great. what lovely new dogs thaat i met this morning. hope to see everyone tonight at the fundraiser, carol i will bring a bandana just in case. or a lovely wig magazine. lol i am so sorry about felix. what a great dog. rest in peace little one. funny dawn i was just mentioning to someone at saints that you would probably be looking for a new, old dog. carol will pick out the perfect dog for you. hope gwens leg is healing up nicely see you all later


I have 10 large towels I found at a garage sale today. Will brig them Sunday morning. I'll be at the Pub tonight too.


I should be ready to take in a new dog in the next week, every little bit helps. Carol, start a mental list of possible candidates please. Can't wait to see everyone tonight.


You are right in hearing my chuckle....Chance loves me because I'm not the one poking & proding....but because I love him I will try the surolan in his ears today.