Rescue Journal

i am going to kill gwen...

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2010


she was not this stupid when she lived here before, she must have lost some brain cells during her knee repair surgery.
in any case, she is driving me crazy.

this morning i gave her a bigger xpen area which she promptly broke out of and got loose in the yard. mo and wendy saw her and stuck her in the big dog room, which she escaped from and then took off like bat out of hell to the bottom field to see her mo.

so now i am really pissed at her..she is going to mess up that leg..i move her into the kitchen, kick most everyone else out to their dismay and gwen has a safe area..not too big but not so small with more contact with people.

she should have been happy with that but she is not.

she jumps that back cat area gate and totally pisses them off and the next thing i know, scrappy, tikko and harvey have her pinned in a corner and are going in for the kill.

i swear to god, most german shepherds are too stupid to live..intellectually they might be a smart dog but when it comes to any kind of inherent "get along in life wisdom and accept what you cannot change".... they totally suck.
stay on your bed in the freaking kitchen gwen or i will put you in a full side, top and bottom wire cage until that knee fully heals and your scar tissue is formed.



Speaking as another GSD lover, it is definitely devotion/loyalty/partnership. Their human is what allows them to live and breathe. ( or so they think :) When they bond, it is fierce.

It'll all be over soon Gwen ( damn she's beautiful ) and you'll be back home with your family! And stay put dammit!


poodles are devoted and they use their brains....but you are right, no way is a poodle gonna take a bullet for anyone...too much self preservation for that!

Barbara DeMott

From a GSD lover: it is called devotion!!! They will go through hell to get to you and on the way they forget about using their brains. Otherwise how else would they get them to work for the police?