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pub night photos

Nicole  ·  Mar. 21, 2010

here is an album of the pub night photos
there is also a new album of photos Jenn has taken and had posted to the facebook group.


Sharon McAllister

Thank you for putting on such a great evening. Seems the pub night was a success! I'm sure it was a little ( or a lot) stressful but everyone did such a fantastic job. I sat with a very nice lady who was a volunteer (never did get your name!) Wonderful people, wonderful night, and wonderful cause! Thanks for all you do for the animals!


OK yes I am a happy ( wet) camper... barn and field work really suck in the pissing rain... so thanks for this, I didn't even have shower before logging on to see them... i LOVE pictures.. so far fourlane sleeping in the ray of sun is one of my favs... As for the Pub night photos, excellent job... but when did I get so chubby ??? no more chocolate bars


i will make another album tomorrow night with them in it, so make sure to put all the photos you want in it on the facebook group and i put them in it.


Really enjoyed the series on Chance. His fear/delight was apparent. With wheels ... lookout world!
Thank you.


ah. I just noticed there was a whole bunch of photos a forgot to add to the group page. One was from a beatiful sunny day by the pond ... see Facebook group for them. Or maybe nicole is still feeling ambitious ... (puppy dog eyes at Nicole ... )


Yeah Nicole ... a very productive evening. That should appease the Blog Gods ... and Mo! lol