Rescue Journal

we lost kissy this afternoon.

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2010


i knew she was ill and we might lose her but i did not think she would hit the crises so soon. tomorrow should have been the turn around day..72 hours of injectible antibiotics and either she started to feel better or she did not, then i was going to really start to worry. the vet told us this weekend that sheep if they stop eating can get fatty liver disease just like cats do so mo and i syringed vetamino and molassas and water into her and mo said she thought she looked a bit perkier earlier this afternoon.

kissy has been with us for 5 years. of the 5 original sheep who taught me to love them so much, only annie remains here. freckles i think is still alive, she was adopted with aunty mary a few years ago and aunty has also passed away, and then we lost baby jack and now kissy is gone too.

another sad day at saints.
rest in peace kissy, you taught me how lovely and gentle are the little woolies...i will so miss your sweet chocolate face.



What a shock....such sweet and gentle creatures...we along with your barn family will miss you Kissy.


She will be missed. Today and tonight/tomorrow and the next few days will be rough for Elizabeth and Annie. We grieve with you ladies.


i am so sorry about kissy i do not get out and often see the barn animals as i am in the house with the dogs and cats. the other day i ventured out into the back 40 and visited with percy and joy and emily. i really enjoyed it as i do not feel very comfy with the barn animals, i never grew up with them and therein lies the lack of comfort but laughed at the cows as i was videoing them and they came up for a pet and a licking of the camera they are very sweet and i should get out and see all of them more. it is totally different from the house animals and a great new experience.