Rescue Journal

chance walks for heart disease

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2010


ok..he didn't really walk, laura pushed him in his stroller. but he still did join the staff from scotia bank as they walked to raise funds for heart disease.

AND..since chance also suffers from heart disease, we think it was a good thing he wanted to join them!

just goes to show you that even parapalegic pekes can participate in raising awareness and funds for helping heal broken hearts, (even if it was for human hearts and not little perky peke hearts!)


Jenn Hine

lol. yeah chance definately needs some new much cooler wheels ... somehow I think if he wasn't color blind he's be one unahappy peke for being put in a pink stroller ;)


Everyone was "hey is that really Laura pushing a baby carriage" until they got a close look and it all made perfect sense....a that's the Laura we know. Of course everyone thought Chance was soooo adorable. But if he is going to being doing more community events he needs a new stroller. Also Chance wasn't the only Saint at the walk for Heart & Stroke. Our adopted Chyna girl was out strutting her stuff...she is doing awesome and is one lucky girl with a great family.

Mauro Salles

An amazing and touching photo. A baby sleeping soundly and safely.


oh my god is he ever cute. good for you chance for strolling for heart disease. maybe you can stroll for some new wheels for yourself.