Rescue Journal

the wind chimes

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2010

the wind chimes are a personal experience for me...they are the final chapter, the closing of a life i loved.

when the animals pass away, i spend some thoughtful moments in time choosing the windchime to represent their life. sometimes it is easy, the right one is right there in front of me. sometimes it is harder and it is several trips to different places to find the one that speaks to me.

i do try to be responsible in the cost that wind chimes bring. but on the whole each usually costs between 20-30 dollars. sometimes they cost less. the one that said it belonged to felix was less than $15 but it was perfect for my little happy flip floppy one.

today i accidently found kissy's when i stopped to pick up something else.. and i did not buy it. i am struggling with the cost..$49.95.... my head said are you nutz? saints has no money, you have no money....find one more reasonable and responsibly priced.

i made a mistake, i walked out without i will have to waste more time to go back. that was kissy's wind chime whether i liked the cost of it or not. so i will wait til friday (pay day) and i will go back and buy it... not just for her, but for me too. for whatever reason that wind chime said it was kissy' said it was and so it will be.

love you kissy, sorry i was thinking stupid, i will get that wind chime that says it is you.



Dammit, you made me all teary eyed.

Elizabeth and Annie hung around the shavings shed most of the a.m. Kept peering in...I wonder if they think I have stashed her somewhere. Can't wait to see Kissy's chime.