Rescue Journal

when one lives in a piss tank....

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2010

there is a science to the building and laying of pee pads. and this is something that i am just is not about willy nilly scattering some sheets and towels is about problem solving.

your average little dog puddle is like 4 inches wide..easily cleaned up with a swipe of a mop...the bigger dogs create a bit of a bigger problem..but even with them, if their kidneys are decent, it is still easier to take a few extra mop swipes...for those guys the vinyl floors are the best answer...see a puddle mop it up, it is not such a very big deal.

but it is the lake makers, the oceanographers, the ones with the rivers running thru them that become a management issue and hence the need for some science.
fold a sheet so it is two or three feet wide and 2 thin layers thick..and lay it lengthwise across the floor for five feet and what have you got? a sopping wet sheet bridging a lake four or 5 feet wide at least.

it is not very effective. clean that mess up and set it up the same, 20 more times in a day and what did you accomplish? 20 sopping wet sheets and a ton of extra sheets and towels tossed down to soak up several not managed oceans at saints.

it makes for a literal ton of dripping sopping urine soaked laundry.

so i have been watching louise manage the floods of pee from dusty and lucky and here is what i noticed. she strategically places several thick layers of flannels folded in half width wise and she places them where the dogs most often pee.

she protects under the couches by rolling up towels and placing them along the edges of the couch.

she puts them down correctly when she is done the floors and they last until the next morning without being so dripping wet gross that they cannot possibly absorb one drop more.

now the house is a bit different..there are three more diabetic dogs and several more end stage kidney disease dogs...but i think the basic principles can hold true..layer it big, layer it thick to achieve a good absorbancy.... (with maybe one more extra change when i get home or maybe even again at bedtime to take into account the greater numbers of ocean makers) this is what we are going to try to do too.

maybe you are not too interested right now in the science in how to manage urinary incontinence in a shelter with a ton of leaking dogs...but maybe this trial and error at saints will come in handy in 10 or 15 years (or even now) when your own dog's leaking bladder pose a pissing tank challenge...or maybe not, but you never know when some useless piece of information stored might come in how to not go crazy when everyone around you is literally pissing on your geriatric rescue parade and basically peeing you right out of house and home!



well even if this new "science" doesn't come in useful for me in the future I still got a good chuckle out of it "lake makers, the oceanographers, the ones with the rivers running thru them ..." EPIC!