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Anyone who would like to join the Wishes for Whiskers Committee Please Read

Sheila  ·  Mar. 28, 2010

I am hoping to organize a meeting..... sometime on the weekend ... that won't interfere with people's easter celebrations.

Two Parrots Pub & Restaurant
170 Golden Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6J1

It seems like a nice middle ground for me who lives in Surrey and anyone else....

Our Fundraiser is already booked at Pitt Meadows Golf Club at 13615 Harris Road.

We decided to change the location to a place that was closer to Carol (only 1/2 hour away from SAINTS) since the attendees from last year stretched from North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey and Chilliwack. The menu has been set also. Everything else is still up for discussion.

Please email me at or post here if you would like to attend and which date you may be available - even to just critisize last year so we can be better because my goal this year is to raise $35,000 (gross).



I'm in again! I work on the weekend nights, which means late to bed and late morning. A brunch/lunch meeting would be best because I need to start work at 8:00.

Angela H.

Am moving this weekend so won't be able to attend. But I'm still in for doing the invites and helping with the table decor, same as last year.


I will help in what ever way I can... I won't say I am on the committee cuz I only want to help = be told what to do. I will come to the meeting if I am able ... meaning if it is later in the day as I will be poop scooping in the mornings & would prefer to have a shower before gracing anyone with my presence.

Hope that is of some help.....