Rescue Journal

so doris is at it again.

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2010

tonight she is all trembling and weirded out again....she was good last night and all of today..what the heck is her problem? it is driving me crazy to see her upset. why has she been fine for months on end, perfectly content to order us all around like the queen mother and then she suddenly changes?

i took her out for a walk without a leash...and that little bugger decided she was going to leave! i shadowed her down to the road and as far as the mailboxes and she was motoring along at quite a determined clip...a shitz head on a mission.

i finally put a stop to her escape attempt and picked her up for a talk. i said...what is it doris? what has changed for you? is saints suddenly so bad that you want to be homeless and wander the streets all alone?

honestly, i don't get it...what is messing up her head? she has been happy and content with the way of her world and now she is not?

is it canine dementia? a real true case of this is so very rare. has she had a stroke that affected some part of her brain and her perceptions of the world around her?
has she just decided for no apparent reason that both saints and i suck and she does not want to live here? i could understand that if saints was new to her or if there was suddenly some change that affected her. but the medical room is quietly stable, no one bugs her in there. she has personal servants to cater to whatever she wants. she has been happy in there for months.
has the one on one attention she has been getting lately now messed her up so saints is not good enough and now out and out sucks?

altho...when i think about it..she has done this before. that was why i moved her out of the house in the first place and over to the medical room...she suddenly became all shaky and seemed unhappy and afraid over here. she settled into the medical room easliy and all that weird trembly shit disappeared.

so is there something medically and organically wrong with her that pops up every six months? i need to know what is really going on or i can't make the right decisions for her.

give me a freaking break doris and give me some better clues cuz you are driving me as nutz as you are and i don't need the extra guilt!