Rescue Journal

there are inherent physical dangers in rescue..

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2010

some are annoying like the potential to cough up a hairball during a family dinner (this has never happened to me but i am sure one day it will.) it is from breathing in millions of floating fine hairs over a lifetime of animal rescue.

some are embarassing....remember my post a few years ago about soggy foot???

but most are just i developed mop hand and it really, really hurts.all of the space between my third and fourth fingers of my right hand are screaming in pain. i cannot grasp anything, i cannot pick up anything and if i do nothing, even the empty air between those two fingers still really hurts. i did not know what was happening, i tried to decipher from whenst the injury came. and it was not until i grabbed the mop for the 675th time today that the lightbulb went on..even bigger ouch...oh, it is mop hand again.

i was in a hurry today to get ready for our visitors and i was grabbing and yeilding the mops like a betty homemaker warrior. i was mopping too hard, i was mopping too fast, i was holding onto that mop handle with an unbreakable iron grip, and now i am paying for it.

sigh..i have taken some advil..i have soaked the painful sucker in a really hot bath for almost an hour...apparently mop hand once gotten, does not easily go away.

it pisses me is my right hand which i need a million times a day.

anyway...and other saintly news...

modern dog cancelled...they thought the weather looked for monday so i hope my mop hand is better by sunday night so i can abuse the mops again.

the nice folks from the vancouver foundation came out....they had the full meal deal tour. i think they totally got what we do here..i think the animals moved and touched them..i think it was a very great day.

we sent caspar down to the vets to have a blood glucose curve...his bloodsugars were fine... 17 which is a bit high but he did miss 2 doses of insulin. he had started vomitting late last night and at the vets he passed a bloody stool. they sent off bloodwork which we are waiting on but he is home again.
the poor little guy looks more than pathetic, he still will not eat anything. so me and my sore hand have been spending some time, laying with him in bed and commiserating on feeling like different kinds of shit.

feel better soon caspar, please try some of the yummy chicken that maggie brought up for yoshi last night!


i do not feel good!



i think zoe is coming out friday morning, i'm sure she'll be happy to help with laundry.


monday is not a stat... the staff are here (short one cuz angelina is on vacation)


i will come on sat and sunday too but could i get some extra help i know brenda, erin laura and lana will not be there. i think monica is also away. maybe anne and her friend, sorry forgot your name,could come. help.


just remembered you said before you had to work on monday. still working? can still come but could be there before like at 800.


hi carol do not get up too early on monday, i will come by about 830 to help out. will see you tomorrow morning about 9ish. hope your hand is feeling better and hope caspar is also. see you in the am.