Rescue Journal

caspar is at the emergency clinic.

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2010

i took him in this morning. he really feels like total and complete crap and all of our clinics are closed today.

i stayed there while they ran the initial bloodwrok and took the initial xrays. i wanted to make sure before i left him that we were mostly dealing with his out of control diabetes and not some underlying abdominal cancer or end stage/end of life liver or kidney disease. if it had been something deadly, i would have let him go then because he really does feel horrible and i don't want him to suffer more without hope.

his estimate for the first 24 hours of care was $1700. i paid the $1000 deposit. their plan is to try to rehydrate him, get his bloodsugars down and move him out of ketosis. they hope to get him back on a regular insulin dose and get him eating again. the bloodwork showed that the ketoacidiosis was just beginning so i am glad i got him in when i did.

still they are not promising that they can pull him out of this because if his diabetes stays out of control, he will not make it. they are anticipating that he will require their emergency care for 48-72 hours. by then we should have a better idea if caspar can get well and come home again. we need him to start eating and drinking again or he will not be able to get his diabetes back under control.

it was helpful that they were able to get his baseline bloodwork from the lab from his vet visit yesterday so they could moniter the change over night.

poor caspar, he feels so bad, he just wants to be held...and i cannot hold him tonight.



Prayers for Caspar......he is soooooo cute. I hope he feels better soon.


Caspar is being held in the hearts of many. Get well little buddy. I smile thinking of him!