Rescue Journal

heads up to volunteers today...

Carol  ·  Apr. 3, 2010

the hay shed tried to blow away last night it is currently about 5 feet up in the air on one side...can someone hang around til i get home for lunch and help me bring it back down to earth again and tie it more securely down?

also....archie woke up from his nap and started seizuring (he has walked and rolled thru more of his own poop!) the seizure is done, i have sort of cleaned him up but i have left him in the playpen while he makes a full recovery to keep him safe while he is still out of sorts.

he can come out when you get here but please put him in the kitchen/computer rooms because i do not trust kodi if archie seizures anywhere near him.

that is 2 grand mal seizures in a week (that i know of) i guess i better call the vets for a phenobarb dose.)