Rescue Journal

to bed at midnight..up for the day at 4 am

Carol  ·  Apr. 3, 2010

that sucks but....everyone has problems, mine today (and yesterday too because caspar is sick) is lack of sleep..
archie's problem tonight and today is: anxiety.

archie has a bed in my room against the far wall. he likes this is big and it is out of the way of all of the chaos (kodi!!!) archie picked that bed several months ago...he pretty much stays in it unless he has somewhere else he wants to go.

unfortunately tonight, little big bud discovered the benefits of this is big and comfy and away from kodi. bud is more than willing to share this bed with archie but bud is so big (for a JRT) that he takes up too much room (bud likes to sleep in the middle, not closer to either end) and this upsets archie....he does not like a torpedo sized dog taking up most of his bed.

before i went to sleep, i picked up the hefty little big bud and put him up on my bed and returned archie to his bed. sometime during the night little bud decided he had to pee or poop so when he was done he headed right back to that nice quiet bed with archie.

archie got squeezed out and then started wandering around trying to find as good a bed to sleep in but none were good enough. even more unfortunately...there was a very large storm tonight and to keep everyone in and safe from canine storm insanity...i locked the doggy door so no one could go outside and start freaking out and panicking in 100 mile an hour winds.

this meant that everyone while i was asleep took turns at pooping on the big dog room floor cuz they could not get outside. there are close to 20 senior dogs in those two connected rooms and trust me 20 senior dogs can produce a lot of poop.

archie in his anxiety of not being able to sleep in his bed wandered thru all of it, over and over and over and over again.

finally in his continued anxiety, he kept getting closer and closer to jesse who was not letting that little now disgusting shitty foot dog anywhere near his clean bed. i woke up as soon as i heard jesse tell archie and his poo paws to piss off quick.

the floor was disgusting, i am forever traumatized by that shit room mess. i made myself clean it up and bath archies feet. there is no point in going back to bed now because my alarm for awakening for work has already gone off.
archie is already asleep on a different bed in the kitchen that he likes as well as his other one in my room which still contains a sleeping torpedo bud.

sigh...another day in animal rescue has already begun but somehow i just don't feel like yesterday in rescue ever actually ended.,,but somehow my day off conveniently disappeared and i do have to go back to work today.

now here is a real truth about rescue...every single 24 hour day just keeps sliding into the next one without much of a break.....except for days off from work...those days somehow always seem to end and do not just slide into another....i feel this is not really fair.