Rescue Journal

caspar is home!

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2010

he feels better, we feel poorer...good trade.

i am trying to watch “a serious man” but i do not get dark humour, i find it depressing so i decided to do laundry and blog instead.

two of our past saints passed away this week.

maggie was the little shitz with cancer featured in the beginning of "the national" peice last spring. maggie came from TG to saints. she was adopted very quickly by chris and deb and re-named gemma joy. gemma had a great home with a family who truly adored her. while she eventually she lost her battle against her disease, she won in the end because she found her beloved family.

clara died today. she came to saints last year from a spca seizure, she was one of the forgotten feline cats. clara went to live with nicole a few months ago, we were afraid that she was going to die soon, and we wanted her to have a home of her own. nicole gave her that, and she gave her more...she gave clara her heart...clara really liked that!

rest in peace clara and gemma joy i am very glad that both of you passed away knowing how deeply you were loved.

hugs to those who loved you.



Thank you all for loving them enough to say goodbye. My prayers are with you all.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Thank you so much for having the courage to adopt a dying animal. You have given them so much! They knew unconditional love. Thank you.


Very sorry to hear of the passing of these two souls, for a time they had everything & more.

Jenn hine

So sorry for your loss Deb, Chris and Nicole. Thank you for giving them a place to be loved and cared for.


We were blessed to know Gemmie and to be loved by her in a way that only she could love....with complete and wild abandon.

Saying goodbye to such a sweet, loving, engaging, intelligent and loyal dog was nearly impossible. The cancer robbed us of o long friendship with an amazing dog.