Rescue Journal

the quantum leap

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2010

rescue so sucks sucks in so many ways that no one even sucks so big sometimes that i truly wonder if it is even worth being in it at all.

i just got off the phone with a nice man who's dog was stolen last week. he wants his dog back. he is not getting much help from the police so he is trying to do it on his own.

the problem is (sorry sir, if you are reading offence intended but it is true)...he sucks at it too.

he found out that it was a carol who lived in mission who had a bunch of dogs living at her house and drives a volkswagon, who stole his dog. he did a web search for carol's who do rescue and live in mission and came up with me. i don't steal dogs (i am too busy) and i don't drive a volkswagon but the other stuff fit so it was an honest mistake.

he came here last weekend posing as a potential adopter and had a tour..his dog was not here, but he correctly has learned that dog thieves do not keep dogs they have stolen on site (cuz that would be stupid in the extreme) so he called me to ask me if i have his dog..i said no..he wants to believe me but he is not really sure he should.

during his investigative work, he googled searched my daughter jenn and said he found out where she lived in burnaby. jenn does not live in burnaby but that does not mean that suddenly jenn's mother is not really upset and actively nervous that some unknown man is googling my daughter because he thinks her mother stole his dog.

i can handle that he came here without disclosing who he was and why he was really here...this has happened in the past, it happens sometimes., it is a real risk in rescue. i accept this...but it happens to does not happen to my family.

so i would like to say here publically...please leave rescuers families ( especially much beloved daughters,) out of rescue underground activities...i may just have to get a gun and shoot the next person who tries to google search the address of one of my children...mothers are funny about that kind of thing.

and secondly...whoever has this man's stolen dog (PB german shepherd, female 10 years old with a breeders tattoo, stolen about a week ago from his yard, i think in burnaby.)....give him back his god damn dog because neither myself nor my daughter should be subjected to the very real and not nice consequences of other people's decisions and incompetent actions.

give the dog back or i might get a gun and shoot you too because you are obviously too stupid to be an even remotely competent dog thief...leaving half assed trails that made the mistaken and incorrect quantum leap right to me and my family.

the more i think about this, the more pissed off i am...on very many levels.



Its OK call SteveO the one man Redneck Show.........Have gun n big Dog.......Will Travel........You n guns don't make a good fit.....or I'da set you up with one by now......its Ok Babe.....dirty deeds done dirt cheap..........:).....:)


Glad there is someone in Law Enforcement around because this man's actions could be construed as a threat (give me my dog or I know where you and your daughter live). I absolutely abhor people like this.

On a different note, good for you on the shooting lessons. Great stress relief and accuracy is always a plus. I started shooting competively earlier this year and it's a lot of fun (which is good because I really suck at it).

Take care of yourself and your family!



My heart hurts for the guy who had his dog stolen. Sometimes, things are NOT as they seem. One person's reality is not anothers. And, sometimes it really is wicked bad.

I just hope the dog is safe and sound.

Hey fake potential adopter...and Hey you who stole the dog...the dog is not here. Saints does NOT steal dogs. WAAAAAAY tooooo busy rescuing.

Concerning Jenn...this is disgusting. I wanna' slap someone upside the head.


lol jiv...i am in for shooting lessons..i need to get out some of my frustrations anyway!

and good on you for getting all protective of my daughter (and her mom!)..i like that!


that comment should be by me, not jenn...her name was in the required fields. (lol-wouldn't want people to think that she talked about herself in the third person!)


Carol, you should let this guy know that Jenn's other half is in law enforcement and does not take too kindly to creeps stalking his Mama Hine and his girlfriend! And yes, we should definately hit the range!


creepy ... now I will just go to bed and have nightmares about ... my mother with a gun (wink wink). Perhaps you should still take Jiv up on those shooting lessons sooner rather than later. I always knew deep down you were a true American Gun Slinger.


Very unnerving for you! Hopefully he is checking on Craigslist as well, a couple found German Shepherd's listed, one found in Maple Ridge.