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a good friend has asked me...

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2010

why not take the offerred money? we are broke, we need it, so why not take it?

quite is dirty and it is blood money to assauge human guilt. i don't take dirty money to buy some animal a place in here..that is unfair to all of the ones who actually have no money and need to get in. and i am not willing to participate in human perceptions that enough money can and will clear a guilty slate.

drop them here if you have to but there is no way i will allow you to buy their way in and your feel good way out..that won't ever happen. money is not the cure all for an animal tossed out your door and into our gate.

(the exception to this is other rescues..when they send an animal here, they offer to send money sometimes too...i am not taking money from their vet bills for their animals to pay vet bills here..and i am not taking money to get an animal in....either we can take them in or we can't...a well meant money gift does not make that decision.)

anyone is free to make a donation, any time that they wish..just do not tie it with money strings to any kind of living breathing, in desperate need, animal. i don't like is wrong. i don't pimp saints or animals for cash.

(hah! but i will pimp my doesn't feel anything!)



But....the money was offered ALONG with taking the cats. It wasn't an *honest donation*. It sounds as though they basically said "take the cats and we'll donate $1000". Assuaging guilt. And as Carol has said millions of time before, money can't buy the spaces available.

But ( again, another but )it could also be that they have researched places they would feel comfortable leaving the cats with. Maybe they did put a lot of thought into it. If that's the case, good on them for the thinking!

Maybe there's a good and decent reason why these cats need a new home. Perhaps there is a serious illness with one of the couple. Something they do not choose to share.


I too see you point but I don't think this family actual feels any guilt for getting rid of these in them giving money it is not to assuage guilt but to try to bribe you into taking the cats anyway. Think of it as they are coming with their own food and litter for a little while ;-)


Well, you have great ethics- but personally, I would not hesitate to take the money- if you decide to take the 2 cats in. Jeez- Saints is overloaded with cats (and all animals)!It's not like you were looking to take in any more... vet bills, kitty litter, cat food, meds, and the list goes on, for cats and most importantly- the care and responsibility! It is constant.
I rescued a guinea pig (Mopsey) about 5 yrs. ago. I love her to pieces, but she has cost a small fortune in bedding, food, treats. And this is only 1 guinea pig!


Good for you, Carol!!! It's hard to find a person with ethics anymore, especially when it comes to animals.