Animal Updates

it was a busy weekend

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2010

we got the chickens and duck areas totally cleaned out and everyone moved back to their proper homes...everyone was pretty happy to be back where they belonged, they were not too happy to be shifted along as each area was cleaned out and set up again.

home sweet home
Edwina and Floydducks

i re-seeded the back yard in all of the areas where the grass was worn away and re-seeded hermans old pen which took a total beating from one little pig....hopefully the seed will take because it is left over from last years re-seeding.

Who cares ... look at my snazzy new digs! You likey?

the dogs had fun at the picnic but kodi clipped larry on the back of the neck during one of his herding dog fly thru's. larry's hairless skin is like butter and he ended up with a small gaping split that we steri-stripped back together again. last night the strips came off so i am going to try once more before it splits open again..if this doesn't hold he will need a suture before the end of the day.

jerry was a bit of an ass periodically during the picnic...that dog has no sense of his own vulnerability..he actually went after bailey who is 10 times jerry's size...good thing bailey is a good boy with other dogs or jerry would have been toast.

Hey forget about the BAD poodle. I am the GOOD poodle. MMMmmmm and I loved Lynne's tuna salad. What the ... why does that snaggle tooth, witch dog Prudence get to be the guest of honor?

Caspercarol and prudence

Table for 40?
picnic timepicnic time

i took bailey on leash down to the bottom field to meet ellie mae. he sniffed her butt and then went right for her hamstring (i had him so he didn't connect) but it tells me his pedatory instincts are fairly well developed cuz he instinctually knew where to aim for maximum effect with the first shot.

Hey furball, you obviously missed orentation ... I AM NOT A FOOD ITEM.

bailey will never be a trusted dog....cats, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and sheep will forever be his downfall. he needs a cat-less home in the city. he is very good with all other dogs and people tho (he is even great with kodi, go figure)...lucky for him. still it makes me uncomfortable having him error on any of our parts and the consequences will be bad.

seriously looking for an appropriate permanent adoptive or foster home for a very nice german shepherd who sucks with most other species...if anyone knows anyone please get them to call me.



I am suddenly becoming a pig fan. When Robert and I were admiring Tunie on Sat. after hearing about her break out story- she let out this strange, guttural noise. I said-
"weird"- Mo said " she hates men!" Poor Robert, he's heard that before at Saints, about dear Dusty, too.


He is such a sweetie , so totally loyal to Carol already... and he must be more like 30 X's the size of Jeramiah A$$-h ( said with love)and what a good guy yesterday & even when he was focused on a field guy or one of the feathered fowls.. as soon as carol called him... back he came. With some long overdue TLC & good food I think he will make someone a very lovely dog... plus I'm sorta partial to his name... Lol


he seems to be on decent health...just thin... altho we have not had him into the vets yet...maybe next week.
he is 8 yrs old (not the 10 or 12 we were originally told)lived with the same family all of his life until they recently moved to ontario and surrendered him to the shelter.