Animal Updates

just a quickie post because i have been gone from home for more than 12 hours and the little buggers are choked!!!

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2010

today was my last holiday day sooo...i went into maple ridge early this morning to the family home and spent the day with jenn, baking bread, making biscuits, seafood bisque, and a peach cobbler for my family's dinner tonight. we watched a movie while the bread dough rose ("it's complicated"...very funny!) and went shopping for a few things for the upcoming baby shower for my pending granddaughter.

we had a very nice family dinner and i had brought daphne along to keep jenn company and she had a great time too.

Yup I did. I helped clean the floor. I killed a mouse toy
I played with a long blue toy. I played ball for hours

I watched a gripping film

Best of all. I spend hours with Jenn

animal news...i left brody in at the vets for an extra day and will pick him up again on my lunch break tomorrow.

kathy took peluchi and max and mandy in to sam for grooming and they all look wonderful tonight.

peanut the new cat is still pissed off and i am not sure if she is eating.

and dukey the new poodle acted like my homecoming was the most important thing in the world to him (just like every one else!)...i think the little bugger may already be over poodley bonding...he spent the night last night with his head under my chin..he likes to be up close and touching.

ok...the diabetics and pm meds and clean ups are all are they want some of my undivided time that they got gypped out of i need to get to bed because it is up early again tomorrow for work.

why oh why do vacation days fly by so fast???

Mom will kill me for doing this but oh well ....
Carol's BIRTHDAY presents: New Computer Chair and Daphne Carrier (so that she can bring her to visit me (Jenn) more often