Rescue Journal

why you really do not want to open a seniors rescue...

Carol  ·  May 1, 2010


on your 52nd birthday...

you will be....

cleaning up pee and poop in never ending supplies.

washing and drying and folding 14 loads of urine soaked laundry.

feeding the frail, medicating the sick, yelling at the assholes...

and wearing two totally different colored slippers

because you just stepped in shit.

i think on my 52nd birthday i could have been doing something sipping a cold beer on a warm island beach.

2 whiny old ladies at SAINTS (happy bday mum :) )

but then...

larry wouldn't be sleeping

with his chin on my

mismatched feet.



well, don't feel so alone, in you rescue dilemma... today, after walking the mp dogs, we decided to go for lunch. I felt kinda spiffy in my new/gently used sally ann jacket (perfect for walking doogies in), not too warm nor too cool. Anyways, we sat down to our food fest at Szechuan buffet (it takes a lot to fill Robert) and as I began forking, I noticed a brownish stain along the cuff of my fancy new /used jacket. I silently thought "holy crap." I was wondering how on earth I got poop on my cuff. Then I remembered, I had scooped Doris up after our walk for a wee cuddle, and so her little bottom end grazed my sleeve! Fancy! And fancy that- we were dining in the fancy Szechuan!


Love the pictures with each post!!!

Whiny and whiney are BOTH correct.


I'm with you Carol, so help me god, I'm with you. I dream of living in a little apartment and waking up to only the paper and a leisurely cup of coffee, walking from room to room barefoot without stepping in some sort of effluence, going to the bathroom without an audience, eating food that doesn't cause me to cough up a fur ball later. Then I wake up and face reality.

I can't believe how much I love those little pains in the ass. I do hope however that I won't be doing this in my 70's. That gives me 13 more years.....which seems like not much time AND an eternity!


well if we had you in the picture could be entitled 3 whiney old ladies and a baby whiney wanna-be!
is it whiny or whiney or whinie?)


if only I had a picture with you esther and maud and it could have been 3 whiny ladies lol.