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i had a really shitty day today

Carol  ·  May 3, 2010

i was stuck at the contact desk which meant more than 20 phone calls came thru for me to work out...only the last one was not very nice but still it is stressful to try to figure out how to meet everyone's needs.

i took an extra hour for lunch and ran home to meet up with a super nice and kind reporter from CBC radio....gave her a tour and an interview which will be aired one morning this week (will let you know when as soon as i find out.) i have never done a radio interview on site before where i did not lock myself into a bathroom somewhere (to keep it quiet so the radio folks can hear.) this interview was done as we wandered around from animal area to animal area with all of the commotion and noise that goes along. she got about an hour of tape and the interview segment will only be 4 minutes so hopefully she can find 4 minutes that can actually be heard.

but i will tell see ellie mae speak into a microphone was just the bestest thing in the there is real respect..ellie had a chance to say what she wanted to say...i am just not sure what it was because i do not understand pig radio talk very well.

Darling, I'm a STAR!

anyway..i was really late getting back to work so i did not dick around..i drove fast back to the office again. then it was a real rush to get things done and caught up by the end of my shift. i got out of there on time tho which was good until halfway home, i ran out of gas. oh yeah...i was going to get gas sometime today.
i waited for an hour and half on the side of the highway for the tow truck to come and bring me gas. by the time he got there, my emergency flashers had totally drained my battery down. the fellow was nice tho, he gave me a boost and i did finally make it to a gas station to fill up.

i was an hour and a half behind at home now...that totally sucked. i whipped thru every area, checking on everyone and cleaning up. the last place i got to was the computer room and i just about cried...i cleaned up 37 soft ploppy little poops from griffin who walks and poops even longer miles than molly ever has.

i had my first smile when i let the dogs out to pee and they all came back in again. suddenly larry decided he had not finished outside and he zoomed right past me in high larry speed to get back out there to finish his task. larry zooming is really funny.

when he came back in, he followed me straight to the computer and stood with his front feet in my lap and his head tucked under my arm. and i realized that larry loves me. it took him awhile (a couple of months?) of watching and thinking and deciding if i was worth his time. but i guess he decided because now i can feel it...larry really does love me.

Yeah this place is way better than LA ... a little colder. But I am hoping you're gonna give me that stuff you gave Molly. By this time next year maybe Kathy will take me to the one you call "GROOMER"

you have to understand this...all of the dogs love me...they have to love someone and i am all they have here most of the time. even little dukey claimed me within the first 24 hours...i need someone so you are mine.

but larry didn't need me. larry contained himself inside of his own little heart..i was just somewhat interesting...(imagine a high sing song voice here, assaulting you every day...hi larry, you are so freaking cute...god larry, you are so adorable, hey larry, little funny man...i am coming to kiss you again!) poor dog, continually assaulted by the warm and fuzzy freaky lady with the very soft and gentle hands,
(i think he likes my hands the most)

anyway so larry started my feeling better and with him in my hands, i sat down to read what you guys had to say. and oh my goodness...what a grand many kind and generous many people filled with goodness and kindness and intelligence and caring and just plain good many heart pricks of anothers shared pain and triumphs...good god i write to a very great and incredible bunch!

now that totally and completely made my day.

thank you..much appreciated...the more good people i meet, the more good people i i feel blessed cuz i know a lot!


Mauro Salles

You're welcome, Carol! But I'm sorry :), it's irresistible to play with the situation: the reason is that the tattoo is in a place so easy to see (that little ear), it becomes familiar and we end up forgetting it. It's like those set reminders on the fridge, you know? Every day you look at the message and repeat "I can not forget it!". Then you get used to the presence of the message and almost always forget it ...


when i was out there last wednesday. i sat on the floor for a good hour or so. Larry came over hopped up on the kuranda bed and came over and lay on my hand. he is so freaking adorable.


wow...good eyes! yes, you got it exactly right...that is his tattoo number which reminds me i better switch it over to saints cuz i forgot...ooops!thx for the reminder mauro..i have a brain like a sieve.

Mauro Salles

I've been trying to figure out something and decided to overcome my shame and ask you: Is there anything recorded in Griffin's right ear? Something like "LSN" and "33"? I noted this in the pic on the website and also on Facebook. :)