Animal Updates

i just realized that we have some pretty odd looking animals around here...

Carol  ·  May 4, 2010


max with his weird white eyes looks like a zombie. chance does look like a mongolian monster, especially when he comes at you in high speed dragging his back feet. angel's blind eyes glow in the dark and the one eyed monkeys around here always look like they are evil pirates squinting and sizing you up. molly, sissy and larry look like some kind of mutant frogs from a toxic waste pond, someone stole jewels legs and teeth so when she is laying down and screaming, she looks like a legless gummy dog. jenny, lilith, and sidney look like ethopian refugees, scrappy looks like he swallowed and grew a watermelon or pumpkin seed, yoshi in a cone with his eye sewn shut looks decidedly freaky, lotus looks like someone gave her the wrong back legs and fat little suzy and lil big bud look like they are related to mr. potato come i didn't notice this before? how come i thought they were all so cute? individually they are adorable but added together they look like a michael jackson thriller group.

someone should put a video together of our guys with that song...that would be funny!

hey where'd you get those creepy peepers? (MAX and ANGEL)

its only skin deep ... (MOLLY and SISSY)

I like to eat my feelings (SCRAPPY AND BUD)

What about me? I am missing a freakin leg!

and we are each missing an eye ... geez what does an animal need to do around here to get mentioned on the blog ... (NINA and WYNTER)


It is better to be a freak then a geek



his tongue is only tiny when he is serious or concentrating. When he is relaxed and happy it is the longest tongue ever!!!

Colleen Donnelly

Oh, I agree Mo!! Jenn's photos and captions are perfecto! Great job Jenn! ( hope your knee is healing nicely )

Mo, that is a Rick James song! I STILL love it! When I hear it I am swayin' and tappin' fingers.... "that girl is pretty wild now, the girl's a super freak". BAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Jenn your captions are so " right on the money " love them & your sassy attitude defines them completely.. better to a freak than a geek makes me think of that song ' she's a very freaky girl the kind you won't take home to mother" I used to love dancing to that... Gee I wonder why ?????


Hey, Im not feeling good this morning so im going to come in at 8 if you dont mind.


too funny jenn...and mauro they are getting even, they are not letting me sleep tonight in revenge.

Mauro Salles

Heartless Carol! :(

I hope they get together for revenge, pooping, peeing, biting, meowing and barking double. One at a time, every five minutes! :)


Ya,now that ya think about it....too funny! We could do a video to the song from Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer......"We're from the island(santuary) of misfit toys(animals)......


OMG you crack me up... I can picture all of them & you did real good !!! Thanks for that !