Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  May 5, 2010

my silly dogs - all in a row.
carley is in her dinosaur costume. and still is right now actually. they're all at work with me.



You mean all that lot are down at the Emerg Clinic right now? What a sight! Who is the one on the far left?


Ahhh Shrek. I finally met the studly eye candy pooch a couple weeks back. My gawd does he have *presence*.

In my next life I will collect Shreks, not German Shepherd Dogs.

( but don't tell Watcher, Ticket or Henry that )

When you bring Fiona out Nicole, come and grab me in the loft...I want to meet her too!


is carly always the scapegoat? she is pretty freaking darn cute do not tramatize her. i always liked carly she must like getting dressed up. what about shrek and fiona. they wold be cute dressed up too.


thanks amy, i will check them out. i have found cocoa camino to save me. dark chocolate and mint. a very nice treat!


What a wonderful crew.

Nicole, I saw in another post that you were attempting to go vegan, but were missing chocolate. I have two words for you...Rescue Chocolate. Check out their website This may be a great way to reward yourself for jobs well done. Oh, I understand they also help with fundraising.