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bb is here

Carol  ·  May 6, 2010

sweet dog. looks more collie like to us than chow but who knows what his actual mix is. he is currently trotting anxiously back and forth from the kitchen door to the outside cat run, over and over and over again...does not see or hear too much of anything in between...he just knows which way his dad went when he left and he is hoping to find him again.

i don't think this has been an uncared for or an unloved dog..i think he was in fact cared for deeply...and i think he cared back as deeply again... life just threw some curve balls at he and his family that brought him here to this place and this day.

he has had some treats, he has paused at the food and water bowls for a few mouthfuls of each. i think eventually he will be fine here but the adjustment period is hard for him and for me.

thank goodness i am on 4 days off so i can be around alot while he works thru all of this. passed the sainted test and i am glad he is here.

more cheese, please


Marla from South Dakota

What a beautiful face! Be calm, sweet boy. You're in the right place for you!


Welcome Bi-Bi. Can't think of a better place for him to have landed! SAINTS magic will work and Bi-Bi will be happy soon. Thank you everyone for making SAINTS possible.


He is beautiful... perhaps the doGs will smile upon him and he will get a home soon.

Jane Stanley

Oooo Carol BB is so handsome! We had a Chow mix when I was young, and then Collies ever after. The Chow was smart,sweet,protective and strong-willed and the Collies just wanted to be Loved and be with their people...talking and playing with them. I hope that it doesn't take too long for BB to realize how lucky he is to be there with you.


Do you think cats feel the same way Carol? I have observed certain behavior from a couple of the cats I have now when they have been in contact with their previous owners after coming to live with me.


God bless you all at SAINT for being such a wholesome people .Thank you for taken in BB , I hope and hope he will adjust soon . We all miss you BB . Love Annie


that is a good question mauro...i actually just let them be....for bb that means wandering endlessly back and forth and back and forth and now barking sometimes (i actually thinking he is calling to his family, hoping they will hear him and come.)
.... i give him occasional treats and i say hi as he trots on past but on the whole i leave him alone to work this out the best way that he can. grieving is not only natural, it is necessary. the last thing he wants is me in his face or all over him....and what he does want at this moment i can't give anyway (to go home.)

i do believe that respect for his sense of loss and grief means that i actually do not interfer with his grieving. when he is ready and is looking for something from me, he can have it..but when he wants it and not when i feel the need to impose it on him.

for now, he is quite interested whenever i might have something good to is a start and there is no hurry, we have lots of time to get to where ever he decides next he wants to be....hopefully it will be with me.

he really is a very lovely a couple of weeks he should be happy, running the pond, rolling in poop in the barn, he will discover the entire saints human family and friends and this will all just be a bad memory soon.

it is a big adjustment, esp. for an old dog but a couple of hundred have been in his shoes before and they came out ok in the end just like bb this case time really is his best friend.

not to worry bateau..this part will pass. we are pretty good at what we do here.


Awww...that's my handsome boy! Thank you so much Carol for accepting Bi-Bi and thank you everyone for taking care to Bi-Bi. I am happy and can sleep peacefully at night knowing he's in good hands. :-)

P.S. what an amazing place SAINT is. It's like heaven on earth for animals.


Beautiful face! You're right - he sure looks collie-ish. Hope he settles soon and the panic goes away.

Mauro Salles

Dealing with the despair of loss ... What can be done for BB? Let him quiet? Being with him most of the time? Try playing with him? Pet him?