Rescue Journal

She is not drunk, retarted or humorous ...

Carol  ·  May 8, 2010

This is Jenn (her youngest daughter) posting on behalf of Carol to quell our active minds. I just spoke to her on the tele. She is fine (still surrounded by over 100 crippled animals and drowning in debt. but other than that she is fine) and currently cleaning the MP room while Reggie barks his brains out. Ergo our conversation was short. Basically "someone" ate her keyboard ... 29 letters of it, she says. Haha, I can just see her counting them too and cursing the dawgs after each one. I wonder who could have done such a thing? Last time I was there Eddie was licking that keyboard pretty intensely ... but he has no teeth. So it wasn't him. It was someone with teeth. Pretty sure she just bought that keyboard too and is thinking at this moment "you lil' bastards." She should really have a closet full of back up keyboards ....

yeah I wouldn't mind knowing who done it. I just lost my favorite seat

Anyways. Plant Sale this weekend and they are short-handed at SAINTS today. Therefore I do not foresee Carol escaping to get a new keyboard anytime soon :(

oh ya and FIY ... her arm hurts.



Maybe anyone with an old keyboard tucked away in their closet can send it to Carol so she would have a stash of back-up keyboards for emergencies such as this.