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some foster quickie updates

Carol  ·  May 10, 2010

cuz i am early shift today and can't think yet..

hymie and squeakers are doing quite well, their new mom has kindly sent some pictures already so i can see them in their new home. the mp building sure is quiet and lonely without squeakers squeaking and hymie's tiny little face shoved up close to me.

ootah has fit right in to his foster home. mo saw him the other day and our big boy is truly happy.

Happy is as happy does

i am going to call and check on dukey on my lunch break today.
no news is good news i suppose but i want to make sure everything is still going ok.

and lily needs elective eye surgery to restore her sight. they can remove the cataract lenses so she can see again. the issue is this is a specialist proceedure so we need the $3000 per eye up front...which we don't have right now. so i am thinking of somehow runnng a special fundraiser just for lily's eyes. i have never done this before..we have never had to use specialists before because our vets have thus far been able to do everything that our guys needed and they kindly let us run accounts.

so if anyone has any ideas on how to raise money just specifically for one dog..let me know. i actually don't like doing this, all money raised should be for all of their use. but lily needs her eyes done and we just don't have that money available for her which totally sucks.



Missing Senior Boxer- A friend of mine has had her boxer go missing from the sitters. He has pancreatitis and a heart condition that needs meds. He went missing out in Langley, 4600 block of 232 Street in Langley at 1:30 AM Friday, May 7 th , 2010 when he was let out to pee. He was feeling ill which is why, we believe, he wandered off of the property.
Please contact Don or Gillian with any information at: (604) 534-3734; (604) 945-0979; (604) 790-1474;

I am posting this here in case anyone gets a call about a senior boxer being homeless. Speed is 11 yo and pretty grey. Pic and infor are also on
Please spread the word!

Mauro Salles

A basic and general idea is to use online fundraising via Facebook, for example. It's the fastest way to start the process and can have amazing results.


Just thinking of the cost, but can you just do the one eye? I had a blind dog once and she got around very well with only a teeny bit of vision in one eye and blind in the other.


i saw dukey and his new mom the other day walking up james street. i was driving so they did not see me but it looked like a happy picture.