Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 11, 2010

the neighbors lost their cat a few weeks ago. they said it was an orange tabby but there is a grey blotchy one with white sox hanging around. i am hoping that is their cat and they just happen to be color blind. anyway..i want to set a trap for him but first i need him to eat the food i put out which he hasn't been. and he (or she...can't get close enough to see for sure) is starting to get pretty skinny (probably not too successful at rat catching around here..too bad)

anyway..i am willing to try to catch this cat in the hopes that it is the neighbors and i won't get stuck with some unknown cat that i trapped instead.

so tonight i see the little grey ghost slinking around in the back yard. out i go with some recovery food..mmm...and healthy too for a starving cat..lots of high fats and proteins. he (or she) takes off out by the barn..i follow..i call in my sing song voice..."here leo. here kitty, kitty..." (please actually be leo so i can catch and send you home.) and i set down the food and leave, hoping he sneaks back to eat.

i go back to my bedroom and try to peer out the window and see past the back yard gate...(which i can't!)...and pray that leo can smell the food and finally comes here to eat (before those blasted rats eat it first.) if i can get him eating..i can lure him with food onto the picnic table where i can set the trap and where i will be less likely (i hope) to trap a rat instead of a cat cuz jeezus god in heaven i don't want to catch a rat in the trap..the thought just freaks me out. i am peering out the window...what the hell????!!!! a very skinny, and matted black long haired cat walks along the fence, jumps into the back yard, jumps over the gate to the barn yard where i left Hopefully Leo's food.

that skinny cat obviously sucks at catching rats too.

i just know i am going to end up with two more freaking cats if i am successful at trapping cats (and not rats) in my back yard...Hopefully Leo is probably not leo, she is probably leonora and no one is looking for her. and that black and matted thing has obviously been out on his or her own for a long time so probably no one is looking for him or her any more either.

why do i even look out my windows?..ignorance is supposed to be bliss and i want some freaking bliss!


Colleen Donnelly

When the neighbor spoke to me about Leo last week she said she would re-do the posters to say that he was grey and white and orange striped. Not done though I see.

The grey blotchy one with white socks is the same one I saw a few weeks back sitting on the railing behind the shavings just after dusk.

Where the heck do those cats go during the day? I never see them out at the barn or in the fields!