Animal Updates

even tho it was a work day for me still was a worrisome saints day.

Carol  ·  May 11, 2010

there are a bunch of emails from both dogs and cats wanting in....two i am thinking about but so far not answering cuz if i answer i will be hooped in is an 18 yr old cat living alone in the house since her owner died. and the other is an elderly mastiff cross with some pretty sad family problems. i think it is safe to think about them as long as i don't try to answer.

the stitch holding yoshi's third eye lid up broke yesterday so he got dropped off at the vets to get fixed up. he bit angelina when she was trying to clean up his eye before his appointment so now she is the walking wounded too. i asked the vets to knock the little bastard out and shave his entire face and head til he was as bald as mr potato head. it is too hard trying to give him meds in his eye and his mouth cuz we can't get past all of his skanky thick hair. they did sedate him but not enough to shave his head down...he was still trying to bite them. yoshi is not one of their favorite saints dogs. he looks like a freak with only part of his face and one ear shaved...he is such a pain in the ass... mr. little hairy crocodile creep...aka... the shit-head finger amputator. the vet did give him a long acting antibiotic injection right into the eye mucousa tho so now we don't have to risk life and limb to medicate him. yay!

the hideous (yet endearing) finger eating Yoshi saint

dukey (his name is now chester...which i like better!) went home from the vets today. he had ALL of his horribly abcessed teeth removed and a neuter. he was not only a crypt orchid (one testicle still up in the abdominal cavity) but that testicle held a fairly large tumour. the vets sent it off for pathology..i really hope it is beign.

nikko (our old malamute in foster care) is at the vets and quite ill today. the vet said he has a massive hard lump on his neck...could be a really nasty abcess but she thinks it is a highly aggressive tumour. they were just going to aspirate it when i talked to her and then maybe depending on wwhat they find, snap an xray. he will be staying in overnight on pain meds. tomorrow we will see how he is and then decide if nikko is facing an end of life crises or if he can feel better with a good medical plan of care.

The Stunning Nikko (at SAINTS last June)

esther is driving me nutz...that dog should really start worrying about de-barking.

But I'm head of the SAINTS GLEE club. Here's my favorite ditty ... "Bark, bark. This is the song that doesn't end, bark, bark, until you give me the cookies in a bowl on my bed ... bark, bark. BaARkkkkkkkk."

and i finally gave bibi shit when i got home and told him it was time to stop barking...unlike esther he actually shut up which is why i am only contemplating killing one dog right now and not two.

fluke (another foster dog) and his dad stopped by to pick up some stuff. too bad i didn't get to see him but angelina said he looks really good and happy so that is good to hear.

gwen is finally going home to her foster home with mo tomorrow (mo is taking some time off work to cater to her for the next couple of weeks) is me doing the happy less dog to step over and less dog for me to worry about cuz mo can worry about her and that healing leg now!

Good luck Mo .... (jumps for joy)

larry is in my lap. larry is very quiet and cute. larry never bites and larry goes outside to pee (unless it is raining.) larry is my favorite dog today...i love larry. he can stay here and everyone else can leave.

just me and larry at saints that is a wonderful dream.

Love, love me do ...



i remember last open house when my daughter , her friend and child came to visit saints. there was nikko, out in the shop in his xpen, looking quite the gorgeous dog. they fell in love with him and a few days later fostered him. nikko went home with them and for the longest time would not come in the house but stayed outside on the patio. he was the same at saints. after some time he would venture in the patio door and sit in the doorway. i should let you know that chrissie who took him lived upstairs and her mother in law and sister in law had the basement suite. nikko stayed there for the longest time but eventually he came in and made himself comfortable on the couch, bed etc. they taught him how to sing i love you which was very sweet, gave him special treats loved him to bits gave him a great life. he had a great last year of his life if it is the end and i hope it is not the end he will go out in a blaze of glory love you nikko.


ah, correction "kuranda potatoe" ... anyways she seemed like a quiet, gentle sweet dog at first ... until as you like to say "she found her voice" ... now I am beginning to have a new theory. They don't find their so called "voice" so much as you turn them into "self-actualizing aggradizers" thats fancy talk for ego-centric dogs that find a way to get what they want ..." for some that means jumping fences (al to get to the riding ring and pond) for others it is standing on their hind legs searches the top cat shelves for cat food ... for esther it is incessant barking ...and I won't even mention Pheobe. but they dont all have such annoying needs and tactics ... Larry (like the late Rose) ... like to quietly sneak up for a soft touch. I want more larry's too


hey! that dog's guts were full of dead and rotting things when she got here..i ASSUMED she was recently starving (recent, because she was still kind of chubby), not some gluttonous, couch potato, psycho maniac food freak.
she tricked me!


um she actually gets out of bed now after about 30 minutes and barks right in front of the target "cookie holder" ... she is expanding her cookie seeking tactics. Mom likes to play the "i'm gonna get you game" for fun before getting the cookies ... but all I (and I'm sure esther) sees is the "i'm gonna get you ... the cookies and put them in a bowl on your bed in a minute after I stop talking to you like a baby" ... Esther is a spoiled rotten chow. Sheila you should take her and correct these evil aways. I hear Leila likes a challenge .... I double dawgy dare you!!!! and by HER I mean CAROL ... lol.


she was perfect before she discovered that one could lie in ones bed and bitch and whine non stop and drive a human so insane that she actually will bring you bowls full of cookies in bed just to get some god damn peace and quiet!


I could have sworn you told me Esther was the perfect dog. She is the bigger dog in the little dog room that is a shepherd like mix right... because if she is that is the dog you said was perfect.