Animal Updates

i just want to quickly introduce our 2 new saints before i go off to kill myself.

Carol  ·  May 12, 2010

both are unclaimed strays..old, blind/deaf with with various medical rotting skin, luxating patellas, bad ears, bad eyes, peridontal disease plus god only knows what hidden surprizes we will find in their bloodwork.

anyway..they were currently unadoptable so now they are saints.

merry is a sweet little maltese poodle cross. her skin is so bad that her ear canals have closed up completely and who is currently barking her head off cuz i just left her in the kitchen before i take them both off to my bed to watch idol.

tinkerbelle is a tiny tea cup blind yorkie who absolutely INSISTS on being carried around and quacks like a duck....totally adorable.

we are sweet and cute and I know you will fall in love with us ... Laura!!!
saints rescuesaints rescue

tinkerbell especially ... would look really good beside ... BANJO!!!!
saints rescue

ok gotta go they are both having a freaking cow....demanding little buggers for newbies...who the hell told them i could be bossed around?



and by bad you mean good! Mom can you please find the "dog/baby" carry thing laura is really gonna need it this weekend. Chance in the carry thingy and tinkerbell in her hand. Its perfect.


Yah,thanks are just as bad as your mom. I did pop in tonight to meet them and yes they are darn cute!


lets see who told THEM that at SAINTS The dogs are the boss? hmmmm could it have been any one of the 50 dogs there that BOSS YOU AROUND?

Heather Marcotte

Awww...they can help Yoshi be a pain in your a@@! Just teasing...