Rescue Journal

nikko passed away this afternoon in the loving arms of his foster mom.

Carol  ·  May 12, 2010

i am so happy that he had this past year with a family of his own where he was greatly loved.

rest in peace nikko, you were quite the dog.

(i will write his story tomorrow night, too much going on around here right now.)



Nikko was such a nice guy, I remember him being the front yard guard guy.. RIP Nikko & ((hugs))) to his family, he will watch out for you from the bridge.


Nikko was such a handsome boy. I remember him as having to be closely watched around the other dogs. Except our Saints little rat pack to Nikko they were a scary gang of mini dogs. My thoughts go out to Nikko's family...thank you so much for the great gift you gave our boy.... a home of his own where he was deeply loved.

marie bellemare

my heart goes to the ones who loved nikko... like carol mentioned before - it's not the departure that's important, it's the time before, to get there, and I feel nikko had it good once his path brought him to SAINTS and to the family who gave him security, comfort and love... rest in peace nikko xx


i talked to chrissie before nikko passed away, she had a very hard time dealing with it but spent some time with him before and felt at peace that they had loved him and he had loved them he came so far in this past year with really being a part of their family. i told chrissie that she should be happy nikko had the life he had with them. rest in peace nikko and sing your song, i love youuuuu.