Rescue Journal

it took awhile..

Carol  ·  May 14, 2010

to get the smell of chewie out of my nostrils. when i went to was the smell of merry that just bout knocked me dead. she is a skin dog with yeast plus she is getting oil-ly otomax in both her ears. and she is one of those dogs who does not feel truly loved unless she is rubbing her face, neck and nose all over your face, nose and neck.

i tried to be subtle so not to hurt her feelings or make her in any way feel like i was trying to push her away, but i kept the palm of my hand between her head and ears and my face anyway.

she finally did settle and sleep curled up by my knees...that was truly a relief. it will take weeks to clean up her yeast and secondary bacteria...she did not get like she is overnight. the skin dogs do not usually sleep on my bed, so far they have been content to be left in the kitchen/computer area (they are usually content with this because mostly due to their disgusting smell and looks, they have been emotionally and physically isolated from human close contact for a very long time before they even get here so they are used to not being up close and personal)...but not merry. she goes where i go if i want to get any sleep.

tinkerbelle does not smell at all so her curled up on my pillow at night is ok. but i do worry because she is so tiny that she might fall off the far she is great, she curls up and goes to sleep and stays asleep until i start moving again.

slowly, ever so slowly...bibi is getting better. he slept all night without crying. he will sometimes come to us for very brief moments of touching. he is still wandering, hoping to find a way to get home and he is still not attaching emotionally to me but i think his anxiety is lessening slightly...resignation comes next and then maybe we can move on to happy.

Merry is smelly & cute. Chewie is too but his wound may make you puke

Tinkerbell is tiny & cute Bibi is fluffy in his fur suit

well..i better get dressed for work and check on chewie. here's me hoping his debridement surgery goes well today. the staff are quite interested to watch...but i told them it will be gross to see and smell it all getting cut away. i am kind of sorry i am missing it...i have to say that gross and challenging wounds to be healed are one of my favorite aspects of nursing.

stay strong chewie for a few weeks more please.