Rescue Journal

quick update on chewie

Carol  ·  May 14, 2010

he had the surgery...once the vet started cutting, it was way worse than any of us thought. most of his thigh is gone, he went as deep as he could into the abdominal muscle but had to leave about an inch of infected muscle to keep the abdomen cavity encased.

he literally took every single bit of muscle and tissue that he could from the hip circling under to the groin and abdomen and around to the back of the thigh. he will have to let that heal for a week or so and then go in surgically again to try to remove the rest if he can.

he does not see how chewie is still alive, nor how he was still using that leg. the front leg was just cored out to the bone and should be ok to heal now if we keep it clean.

he will be checking on chewie daily for the next few days. he already came back out just now because chewie was shivering and shaking from the anesthetic. he gave him a pain injection and chewie is all wrapped up in fleeces. hopefully he will just go back to sleep til the pain med kicks in.

this little goat is so sweet, he just lay his cheek in my hand. he seemed so much more reassured just having someone sit with him and sympathizing with his pain and discomfort...what an incredibly sweet and innocent little man.

ok...lunch break is over and i have clients to see. i hope chewie will be ok now, angelina and colleen are watching over him for me.



where is nikkos story. and chrissie would like to hang a windchime for nikko if that is okay.