Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 15, 2010



Colleen Donnelly

Gotta get you on the office MacBook. Finish typing/surfing....close the lid. No more pissed on/chewed on/eaten up keyboards!

It takes a couple of days to figure it all out, but it's really super user friendly.

Since borrowing it while my battery is replaced for my laptop ( Kelly and Sumeet are visiting tomorrow and bringing a bettery...whaaa hooooo! ) I've realized that now I want a Mac!

Visited with Chewie a few times today. He's such a sweet sweet boy. And a total cuddle bug.

He amazes me. Heart smilin'.


Thanks for posting the update. What great news so far. Ex SAINT Nudge and Company wish him a speedy recovery.


the vet came today at 3 to check on him and was pleased with what he saw. Carol sucessfully flushed the wound in the dog shower and changed the dressing. I saw him eating and moaning happily as Mo stratched his ears. He is an amazing goat.