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i just cannot afford to be a whack job in rescue....

Carol  ·  May 17, 2010

but sometimes ya know, shit just happens. i missed the saturday vet appointments cuz bibi ran up the mountain..i missed todays appointments because for some unknown reason my well thought out pre-plan for arriving for our 11:50 appointment in maple ridge, entailed ensuring i was loading up the dogs at 12:10...what the hell was i thinking??

i think the only vet who thinks i am doing a great job right now keeping it all together is the one looking after chewie..he was really happy with how well our little goat was doing and said we are doing a good job with him. but then chewie is here and this vet does house calls...i don't need to remember to get to clinic appointments on time.

Frodo says: You're STOOPID. Come here, you've earned a chin-bite!!!

i tell ya..when i suck, i suck big time..there is no half assed sucking as far as my brain is concerned....who the hell else can miss 2 sets of back to back appointments in only 3 days? i said to charge us for the missed appointments., it is all i can do besides apologise..apologies only work if you don't turn around and mess up immediately again. apologies are pretty useless if you are stupid enough to do it again. and my sorry brain have screwed up enough for this week but i am totally glad it is not screwing up on little chewie....he is doing ok.



i phoned the number on the blog about the boxer and he has not shown up. i find that so utterley sad, someone who truly loves their dog and not to know what happened to him. if he had passed away that would be one thing but to never know what happened to him brings no closure at all. the lady said that the father in law put the dog out to go to the bathroom at 1 oclock or so and he was not breathing very good went in to phone the vets and came out not minutes later and he was gone. what happened? my heart goes out to her and her family may they have some closure on this. it is heartbreaking.


the funny thing is he wasn't pissed off. He was happy, relaxed and sleepy. He is actually yawning and the next shot on my camera is him rolling over for a belly rub with his hands stretched out lol. He thankful has never thought I was stupid so he has never bit my chin. But I thought these picks could be open to interpretation ....

Mauro Salles

You can try electronic reminder calendars (search on Internet). They are really annoying, which makes them very efficient (?).


calm down no one needs to get pissed of here. it is not an ulcer! its a shadow I zoomed in and its fine. I have another pic of his mouth to prove it and I will email it to you later I have to go to physio.


what the hell is on his tongue? when did you take that picture? looks like an ulcer..he hasn't acted or said anything about his mouth being sore???
shit, now i have to go piss him off and pry open his mouth to have a look.


you neeed to write your appointments on a big calender in the kitchen and get Rene to remind you in the mornings .....

anyone have a giant carol-can't miss it sized calender to donate?